Dogs Help to Save Endangered Carnivores

13 Sep

A research team has used dogs to help them find the habitats of endangered carnivores and develop a plan for wildlife corridors.

We’re all used to stories of dogs chasing cats, but now dogs are sniffing out cats. Big cats, that is. Scat-sniffing research dogs are helping scientists to get on the trail of endangered carnivores like jaguars, pumas, and bush dogs in the forests of northeastern Argentina. Forests in the region have become increasingly fragmented due […]

Coral Skeletons May Be Able To Resist Acidifying Oceans

6 Sep

Scientists studied this hood coral and learned that the process by which they make their skeletons is different than previously thought.

Coral bleaching is destroying reefs all over the world, and scientists have been sounding the alarm about what this may imply about the state of our oceans as the world’s climate warms. But new research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison gives some reason for hope that corals will survive. The researchers, led by physics professor […]

Climate Change Is Changing Kodiak Bears’ Diets

30 Aug

Kodiak bears typically feast on sockeye salmon during the summer. But climate change has changed the bears' eating habits.

There’s no more iconic a predator-prey relationship than that of bears and salmon. Typically, brown bears on Kodiak Island in Alaska feed on sockeye salmon as they swim upstream to spawn. But things are different these days. Red elderberries, another integral part of the Kodiak bears’ diet, are ripening earlier thanks to warmer climates. Now […]

Birds of Prey are Becoming Prey in Scotland

23 Aug

Hen harriers, like the one in this photo, are among the endangered birds of prey that are being killed in Scotland.

A dispute has arisen in Scotland, not for the first time, about declining raptor populations and what’s behind them. Ian Thomson, head of the investigations being performed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds Scotland, noted that data from 77 tagged birds of prey suggests the illegal killing of birds of prey in […]

Noise Pollution Is Stressing Fish Out

16 Aug

A new study has found that fish are being stressed and confused by oceanic noise pollution.

A new study from Newcastle University in the UK found that the level of noise in the oceans—from drilling and piling activities, among others—is stressing and confusing European sea bass. “Over the last few decades, the sea has become a very noisy place,” said lead researcher Ilaria Spiga. “The effects we saw were subtle changes, […]

ESG Investments Are on the Rise Amid Climate Change Concerns

11 Aug

ESG invstments are "some of the fastest-growing strategies in asset management." Find out how one company is benefiting from ESG investments and, in doing so, helping to preserve the planet.

When it comes to environmental issues, most activists are focused on protecting the planet through federal legislation. However, many are losing ground in that arena due to the government’s recent rollbacks on climate change policies. But here’s the good news: where the public sector has failed, the private sector is picking up the slack. Newly […]

Court Rules In Favor of Gray Wolves

9 Aug

An appellate court ruled that gray wolves should remain on the federal endangered species list, as the population has not sufficiently recovered yet.

Gray wolves in the western Great Lakes region will remain on the endangered species list after a unanimous ruling from the Washington, D.C., appellate court. The back story is this: in 2011, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officials said that the gray wolf population had recovered enough to remove endangered status and put the states […]

Project to Save the Belize Coast is a Win-Win

2 Aug

Thanks to a multifaceted approach involving many stakeholders, the nation of Belize now has a conservation action plan that will preserve both jobs and the environment.

Most of the time, environmental debates are framed as being “green versus jobs.” But as a project to save the Belize coast proves, environmental efforts can save both nature and human jobs. And the proof comes in the form of new research showing that environmentalists and communities can come together to create a win-win situation, […]

The World Is Drowning In Plastic Waste

26 Jul

The world has made 9.1 million tons of plastic waste in the last 70 years, and the vast majority of that is still around to pollute our land and oceans.

Since 1950, industry has made more than 9.1 billions of tons of plastics. But plastic doesn’t degrade like other, more natural, materials, so now there’s enough of it left over to bury Manhattan in over 2 miles of plastic waste. This news comes from an article in the journal Science Advances. The researchers combined plastic […]

What Does the Iceberg Calving in Antarctica Mean?

19 Jul

An iceberg the size of Delaware broke off from the Larsen C ice shelf in early July. What does this mean in terms of the pace of climate change and other phenomena?

You’d have to be living under a rock not to know that a 1 trillion-ton iceberg calved off the Larsen C Ice Shelf of Antarctica some time between July 10 and July 12. But what does this mean in terms of the Earth’s climate? Did the release of the iceberg mean that the threat of […]