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Do Something: Volunteer with the Nature Conservancy

31 Jul

Large non-profit organizations aren’t the only groups that are able to do something meaningful for the natural world around us. You can start small, in your own garden, or you can volunteer in your community. There are groups and organizations in every state that you can join in order to protect the parks and wild […]

Best Tips for Living Green

27 Jul

Tips for Living Green

  Sometimes a lot of the little changes in life add up to make a big difference, and making a big difference in your own local community is always the first step to change globally. This means that you don’t have to quit your job and move into a tree in order to stop deforestation. […]

Environmental Leaders: The Wilderness Society

27 Jul

The Wilderness Society understands how valuable the “amber waves of grain” and “purple mountains majesty” are to our ┬ácountry, and they are dedicated to protecting them. As the leading conservation organization in America, the Wilderness Society works to protect America’s land, and they strive to create an “American land ethic” in which Americans appreciate and […]

Oceana Protects the World’s Oceans

26 Jul


Since 2001, Oceana has been fighting to protect the Earth’s largest resource: our oceans. It participates in every facet of the struggle through advocacy, education, organizing, fundraising, research, and volunteering, and it has offices in North America, South and Central America, and Europe, making it the largest international organization that focuses solely on oceans. The […]