Archive | August, 2012

How to Compost: Easy Steps and Ideas

28 Aug

We believe that making a difference can be easy. Recycle. Take a shorter shower. Turn off the lights. Easy, right? Well another great way to reduce your impact on the environment is through having your own compost. Composting takes a little effort to get started, but once you have a thriving compost bin the benefits […]

Environmental Leaders: KKR’s Green Portfolio Program

24 Aug

Four decades ago, environmentalism fought on the cultural margins of society. Today, however, citizens and consumers alike are demanding an environmental conscience from companies, and most major corporations heed their environmental impact. Some companies go green in small ways, others change their entire business structure, and others choose simply to make their business more effective¬†and […]

Environmental Leaders: The National Wildlife Federation

21 Aug

The National Wildlife Federation (NWF) wants to spread the word about our environment. They want to bring the joy of the natural world to as many people as possible because they believe that if we understand and value nature, we will be compelled to save it. The National Wildlife Federation publishes magazines, they produce TV […]

Growing a Community: Urban Gardens Grow More than Vegetables

9 Aug

Let’s be honest with each other. It’s never been easier than it is today to stay indoors, to live through your computer, to forget the ¬†grass outside your window. To drive to work, to sit at your desk, to return home, and to spend the weekends in front of a TV. When you live in […]