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Creating Positive Change: Leading Organizations Are Fundamentally Similar

27 Sep

While today’s leading philanthropists and non-profit organizations each bring something unique to the table when it comes to creating positive change in the world, there are several tactics and approaches they have in common that contribute much to their successes. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation funds programs for global development, global health, and is […]

Switching to Clean Energy: Jumping, Falling, and Picking Ourselves Up

25 Sep

Although sea levels rise and the number of extreme weather events increase, non-renewable energy companies are fighting fiercely in an attempt to out-do their clean energy competitors. I get it; change is hard. No one wants their company to go own the drain and lose their job; however, America is moving onto greater things. There […]

Jolly Green Corporate Giants

5 Sep

So many companies are joining the worldwide push to go green. It’s thrilling to see so many brands and corporations taking up the green banner, and helping to make earth a healthier, happier place. Who are these companies and what exactly are they doing to “go green”? Some of the industries exploring the pursuit of […]

Environmental Defense Fund

5 Sep

Americans for Prosperity

According to the Environmental Defense Fund’s website, this is an organization of, “passionate, pragmatic environmental advocates who believe in prosperity and stewardship. Grounded in science, [they] forge partnerships and harness the power of market incentives.” In addition to helping today’s leading companies maintain environmentally sustainable business practices, the EDF also prides itself on its ability […]