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George Roberts Says Green Energy is a “Huge Opportunity”

30 Oct

George Roberts

George Roberts, co-founder and co-CEO of the private equity industry’s Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co. (KKR), has recently amped up his support of investing in green energy. With the Green Portfolio Program and KKR’s support in 23 green portfolio companies, Roberts is shaping the industry toward a brighter (and greener) future. Roberts has referred to […]

Margarita Lopez Goes Green with desigNYC

30 Oct

Margarita Lopez NYCHA

Apart from LGBT rights, being environmentally conscious, more sustainable, and leaving a smaller carbon footprint on our earth is one of the biggest issues of today. And with our growing numbers, the LGBT community could be a huge driving force for supporting sustainability. Margarita Lopez, NYCHA Environmental Coordinator, is working to show New York citizens […]

Why All Firms Should Go Green (No Matter What)

29 Oct

green living

  We are beginning to see a greater social change when it comes to being environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly. Individuals are becoming more aware of their environmental impact and doing what they can to reduce it. And leading the charge should be Corporate America. Going green has appeal in a variety of ways. Not only […]

Grow a Pumpkin from a Pumpkin

26 Oct


  Given it is the fall season and everything is either pumpkin scented or pumpkin flavored, it only makes sense that I give the people a pumpkin blog post. I found a great project idea from a site called Growing in for Pre K. If you haven’t had enough pumpkin yet and are in need […]

NYCHA’s Margarita Lopez: Fighting for our Environment

25 Oct

Margarita Lopez

Margarita Lopez, NYCHA Board Member, is the Environmental Coordinator for the New York City Housing Authority. She is also a political activist who works to inspire social movements and change through politics. She advocates for many causes, including sustainability, LGBT equality, and rights for marginalized communities in society–to name a few. At NYCHA, Lopez is […]

Reaping the Benefits of Going Green

22 Oct

Hands in dirt seedling

Large companies and businesses are recognizing that they not only have a responsibility toward helping the environment, but that the active effort to uphold this responsibility can yield substantial benefits for the business itself. Going green helps reduce costs as less energy and resources are consumed. Take the company Dole for example. Dole is looking […]

Guerrilla Marketing Campaigns for Environmental Cause

22 Oct

One of the biggest questions environmental activists ask is how they can bring science to the public. How can they raise awareness for an environmental cause? Global warming is causing ice to melt, leading to flooding, loss of habitats, loss of animal species, leading to climate change, leading to extreme weather events; the list of […]

Brownie Points for World Wildlife Fund: Fighting Against Rhino Poaching

19 Oct


According to a recent news article by the World Wildlife Fund, a conservation organization, fewer than 5,000 rhinos exist on our planet. Reports show that 455 rhinos have been killed in the past year due to poaching. This is an all time record. In this day and age, people are killing rhinos for their horns? […]

The Scoop on Oil Drilling in the Arctic

15 Oct

Oil drilling in the artic

It’s been talked about in every newspaper and newsfeed on the web, and now it’s fresh off the press here. Oil drilling in the Arctic. What’s up with that? Why is oil drilling in the Arctic a bad idea? In a hunt to answer a few of these questions I found an abundance of information […]

World Wildlife Fund Petitions for the Animal Welfare Act

12 Oct

The World Wildlife Fund is a conservation organization committed to the preservation of species and restoration of habitats. In 2012, World Wildlife fund  teamed up with other animal conservation organizations and filed a petition to prohibit public contact with dangerous wild animals under the Animal Welfare Act. The reasoning behind this was to prevent people from […]