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Air Pollution: China’s Rising Levels and its Effects on Health

28 Feb

  China has reached a breaking point. Recent in the news is the talk about the ever-increasing air pollution in China that is putting its citizens at risk for health problems. Air pollution can have detrimental effects to human health. First off, air pollution can harm lung development in children and cause early childhood asthma. […]

Trending: School Gardens Teach Kids Sustainable Practices

25 Feb

One of the best things you can do to help protect our planet is to pass on sustainable practices to the next generation. Children really are like sponges, and starting to teach them green habits early in life will increase their chances of not only living a sustainable lifestyle as adults, but taking a leadership […]

Thomas Uger- Protecting Endangered Species

22 Feb

Blanding's Turtle

Did you know that there are wetlands that are located in New York State?  These pockets of area saturated by surface or ground water support distinct and unique vegetation and creatures that often cannot survive anywhere else.  Often called swamps, marshes, bogs, or the like, these areas are found in New York throughout river and […]

Fix Old Junk to Save the Environment (and Your Wallet)

21 Feb

How many of us fix our old stuff when they break? It used to be common practice to sew on a new button, patch up a hole in old jeans, glue down a broken corner, reattaching a chair leg, or changing out the stuffing in Mr. Bear. But it seems like we’ve forgotten how to […]

What Your Eggs Aren’t Telling You: Egg Facts

18 Feb


Start crackin’ because if you’re not, you could be missing out on the great health benefits eggs have to offer. Offering 6 grams of protein-goodness and other essential nutrients, here are some egg facts you might not have known: Eggs reduce your risk of cancer: Eggs contain 20% of your daily value of choline. It […]

Matt Damon on a Bathroom Strike for the Water Crisis

14 Feb

Environmental activists are finding unique ways of sending their message to people regarding issues such as pollution, global warming, forest and wildlife conservation, the water crisis, and sanitation issues. Activists are finding the value of public engagement and are harnessing the wonderful tool of social media in spreading their ideas to millions of people. […]

Dutchess Land Conservancy

12 Feb


Dutchess Land Conservancy is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving the rural character and open lands of Dutchess County, New York. Dutchess Land Conservancy works to protect open spaces, forests, water, and wildlife habitats by obtaining and monitoring private property easements through donations or purchases. It also educates the public on current conservation efforts that […]

Who’s Going Green? Companies That are Going Green

7 Feb

Many businesses today are making the commitment to go green. But these companies aren’t losing anything through their green initiatives, they are actually rethinking the way they do business. Making the switch to a sustainable, green company makes way for new opportunities and innovation that allow a business to flourish. Environmental initiatives make way for […]

Hold the Meat! Meatless Monday Recipes

5 Feb

Veggie wrap

Many people want to join in on the meatless Monday trend but coming up with tasty meatless meals and snacks for a full day one day every week can be difficult. It becomes even more troublesome when you have to get creative with the ingredients already in your fridge. If you are a lone wolf […]

Resident Green Committees for Sustainability

1 Feb

It’s easy to think and talk about global warming and the changes that need to be done to fight it, but it’s much harder to get up and do something about it—especially if you don’t know where to start. Alone, we can only accomplish so much; but together, we can accomplish much more. That’s why […]