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Seattle Tilth Is On A Mission

31 May

Seattle Tilth: Learn. Grow. Eat. Image:

As we move into the future, more and more people are becoming aware that we’ve mistreated our natural resources, our earth, and our home. They are realizing that things must change if we want to continue living here without wreaking devastation on ourselves. But even among those who want to help, many don’t even know how […]

Harrison Ford, Hillary Clinton Host Conservation International Dinner

30 May

Harrison Ford and Hillary Clinton talk conservation. Image: Still4Hill

Earlier this month, Conservation International held its annual New York dinner, and the event was one attended by more than 450 people. Of course, with hosts like former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and actor Harrison Ford, it wasn’t an event to be missed. And in its sixteenth year, the dinner raised more than $1.6 […]

Vegetarianism and the Environment

29 May

Raising animals for food produces more greenhouse gas emissions than all forms of transportation combined.

Our environment is a precious commodity.  We all want it to be around for future generations to enjoy without fear.  Yet, global warming is at our doorstep.  Have you ever thought your diet might be the culprit? There are many reasons a diet containing meat may be bad for the planet, meaning that choosing vegetarianism […]

Castor Oil Steps Up to Replace Petroleum Products

27 May

Castor beans are easy to grow, don't need much water, and thrive in arid climates.

An age-old crop traditionally used in natural remedies is making a strong debut on the sustainability stage as a viable bio-plastic.  Castor beans are easy to grow, replenish fairly quickly and are farmed in soil that wouldn’t be good for food crops, eliminating the crop competition problem from corn-based ethanol.  Castor plants only need watering […]

Future of Species Conservation Looks Complex

24 May

Jon Mooallem, author of Wild Ones. Image:

A new book, Wild Ones, by writer Jon Mooallem covers the world of people working to conserve endangered animal populations, and how that can sometimes be more complicated than we think.  There are species being conserved that no longer live in their native habitat, conservation efforts that threaten the populations of other animals, and bird […]

Citi Bike Offers Bike Sharing to NYCHA Residents

24 May

Urban bike sharing programs have been introduced around the world (pictured above is London)

The more people walk or bike to work, the better it is for our environment. In a time when we need to get carbon and greenhouse gas emissions under control, the environment needs all the help it can get. That’s why Citi’s new partnership with NYCHA, the New York City Housing Authority, is so encouraging. […]

Gina McCarthy on the Road to Heading EPA

22 May

In March, President Obama nominated Gina McCarthy as the next head of the EPA. If confirmed for the position, she will become the agency’s thirteenth leader overall and its fourth female leader. A veteran in environmental policy-making, McCarthy would work closely with the president over the coming years to create and implement an aggressive plan […]

Paul Polman Named Top Leader by Sustainability Experts

20 May

Unilever topped the 2013 list of sustainable leaders.

Who are the best leaders in sustainability? According to Globescan and SustainAbility’s 2013 Sustainable Leaders survey, Unilever and its CEO, Paul Polman top the list. The poll surveyed professionals working in sustainability in a variety of fields, and found that Unilever was, by far, the most mentioned. Among the list’s other sustainability winners were Patagonia, […]

Cap-and-trade: Good Idea or Bad Idea?

16 May

California recently passed a cap-and-trade system to help reduce the state's carbon emissions.

Creating market-oriented solutions for reducing carbon emissions seems to be up for debate on both sides.  While conservative and liberal politicians are against it for different reasons (one says it’s a job killer the other says it is a distraction from real change), moderates see a cap-and-trade program as a good first step.  The carbon […]

Rising Housing Costs May Make Suburbs Greener

13 May

Eco-density projects such as laneway housing in Vancouver is a common solution proposed by sustainability advocates, and it makes a lot of sense.  Denser communities mean less travel time, an increase in affordability for homeowners and renters alike, and more efficient use of space and energy.  The rising cost of housing in multiple cities around […]