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Students Against Fossil Fuels

28 Jun

oil industry

University students have a reputation for standing up for “the issues.”  However, those tend to change over the years.  Recently, the environment has come into vogue.  It comes as no surprise that there are students jumping on board to “fight the good fight” to stop universities from investing in oil, coal and tar sands. Is […]

The Audubon Society Gets It

26 Jun


With a rich history and wide span of influence, The Audubon Society is one of the most respected names in conservation.  Recently, the non-profit organization was the center of a Twitter feud hoax, facilitated by satirical news outfit The Onion, which reported a fight on Twitter between President Obama and The Audubon Society. The society’s […]

Shellfish Are the Model for Sustainable Aquaculture

24 Jun


In southern Brazil, oyster farmers are creating a new prosperous community through sustainable aquaculture practices.  A program through the Federal University of Parana called Cultimar has made it possible.  Cultimar certifies sustainable oyster farms as safe for consumption, provides educational resources for farmers on safe and eco-friendly practices, and spreads the word about sustainability to […]

5 Ways Apps Can Green Your Business

21 Jun

Green business

Doing business with your smart phone is becoming increasingly practical and efficient, which is why green business entrepreneurs love it. Check out our top five picks for how to make your business more sustainable, the easy way. Stop the junk mail with PaperKarma.  PaperKarma is a free app that will tell mailers to stop sending […]

Deadly Lipstick

21 Jun

Red lipstick

The cosmetic industry is trying to sell you on the idea that you are somehow damaged and need to be “touched up” or changed to be prettier.  That concept is harmful enough.  However, the problems with makeup go far beyond that. There are a host of toxic chemicals in many types of makeup which may […]

The Center for Biological Diversity: Saving One Owl at a Time

19 Jun

Mexican Spotted Owl

How could a couple of guys surveying the woods for owls turn themselves into an internationally known organization?  They started out by fighting for the survival of just one owl in one lone tree. From there, things took off.  The Center for Biological Diversity fights for the rights of every plant and animal.  They worry […]

Puffins Starve in Gulf of Maine

17 Jun


Several dozen bodies of Atlantic puffins have washed up on the shores of the North Eastern United States this year and survival rates of newborn puffins have dropped from 77% to 31%.  The dive in puffin population has scientists concerned for the future of the bird, which has so far been one of the most […]

Whiners Sour New York’s CitiBike Rollout

14 Jun

I love me

Kiosks for New York City’s bicycle sharing program CitiBike have been installed and will shortly be filled with ten thousand bikes around the city.  The program is supported by local city officials and the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), which is offering a discount to the program for all of its residents, an affordable […]

Farmers Say Climate Change Increases Uncertainty

12 Jun

Sawfly after rain

At first glance, warmer winters may seem like a gift for farmers, especially in Northern areas where temperatures have been known to reach a searing -30 degrees.  Warmer weather due to climate change has already lowered the number of frozen days for farms in Montana.  Some people say milder winters will result in a longer […]

Acid Jobs Eat Away at Environment

11 Jun


What, exactly, is an “acid job?”  It’s not the kind where your coworkers give you migraines.  This kind of “acid job” relates to a highly toxic method of extracting fossil fuels.  It is mostly unregulated by lawmakers, especially in California where this method is commonly used. An ‘acid job’ is a process whereby companies pump […]