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Nuclear Waste Fallout

31 Jul

nuclear waste

Some people tout nuclear power as the best thing since sliced bread.  They talk about how it is an excellent clean source of power that we can use virtually forever.  Oh, and they love to tell you how it can power so many homes so cheaply. Well, all this is well and good until nuclear […]

The Nature Conservancy is Saving All Life

30 Jul

The Nature Conservancy

“From coral reefs to deserts, we work to protect the lands and waters that plants and animals need to survive—for us and for future generations,” according to the Nature Conservancy’s website. There is somebody on your side, planet.  They really care about preserving your wild open spaces and the animals that live in them.  They’ve […]

Save the Manatee Club

29 Jul

endangered manatees

Gliding gracefully through the water, the gentle creature swims up alongside the humans. Her back is naturally smooth, but the years have proven hard and her many scars show it. She is gentle and sweet, living to lounge in the water and graze on nearby vegetation. But she is not fast, and she could not […]

The Chevron Conspiracy

26 Jul


This month a U.S. court allowed Chevron to gain access to identifying information about email accounts from Microsoft.  Chevron issued three subpoenas last fall to Microsoft, Google and Yahoo with a request for the companies to give Chevron account information and IP addresses of more than 100 email accounts.  The oil company says these accounts […]

AREDAY Celebrates 10 Years this Summer

24 Jul

Jigar Shah

Next month will mark the 10th Anniversary of the American Renewable Energy Day conference in Aspen, Colorado.  Business leader and activist Jigar Shah is a regular speaker and advocate for the conference, saying that “AREDAY is unparalleled in its reach and convening-power to inspire the right conversations to fix our main problems.” Shah will be […]

8 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

22 Jul

energy efficient

Buildings are the largest carbon emitters on the planet, accounting for about 40% of emissions.  This comes from excessive energy and water use and neglect in upgrading and repairing buildings and homes as they age.  The good news is there are some easy things you can do today that will ultimately save you a lot […]

Natural Gas: Better Than Coal, but Not Great

19 Jul

natural gas

The natural gas industry is booming.  In the last decade, new technology that allows energy companies to extract natural gas from shale has made natural gas electricity 70% less expensive, so naturally people are enthusiastic.  However, many environmentalists strongly oppose the methods of extracting natural gas, a process called hydraulic fracturing, or fracking.  Defenders say […]

The Latest in CSR Reports

18 Jul

KKR Green Portfolio

Corporate Social Responsibility reports for 2012 are rolling in this summer, and after several years of reporting practices being common there is a lot of progress to report.  Every Fortune 500 company now produces such a report, which will lead the way to a more sustainable future.  Many CSR reports are presented on an interactive […]

Radioactive Soil Found at Seattle Park

17 Jul


Imagine a park that you played at as a child.  Or imagine watching a child as they take their first steps under the open sky and bright sunlight.  A more idyllic place could not be imagined.  That’s what everyone thought…until they discovered that the soil underfoot was radioactive. That is what happened at Magnuson Park […]

George Bandy Continues Ray Anderson’s Sustainability Legacy

15 Jul

George Bandy

Self-proclaimed “radical industrialist” Ray Anderson was the founder of Interface Inc., a company that makes carpet tile flooring for commercial buildings and personal homes.  Anderson died in 2011, but left a legacy of sustainable leadership in his company. Today, George Bandy, Vice President and Manager of Sustainability, works to carry on Ray’s leadership inside the company […]