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Noctiluca Night

29 Aug

water sparkles

Northwest waterways can be a scene of unspeakable beauty.  Picture this: The moon is full and you are out on a nighttime kayak trip.  You love the way the moon’s reflection makes the water sparkle.  You dip your kayak paddle through the saltwater of Puget Sound.  As you do so, you notice a curious phenomenon.  […]

Charity: Water Gives Access to Clean Water

26 Aug

If you live in the western world, most likely you take water for granted.  If you want to take a shower, water your garden or just drink some water, you can.  You just turn on the faucet and out comes clean, sparkling, drinkable water. That is nowhere near the case in other parts of the […]

Blogger Becomes Leading Authority on Arctic Ice

23 Aug

Arctic ice

  The ice caps in the Arctic Ocean are one of the leading metrics of the effects of climate change.  Although the debate on whether climate change exists is dwindling down in the scientific community, other questions about the phenomenon are unclear.  No one knows exactly when the effects will reach a mass scale, how […]

Sierra Club Fights for Clean Air, Energy, and Land

21 Aug

Sierra Club logo

The Sierra Club is one of the oldest grassroots environmental groups in the nation.  They fight every day to encourage people to “go green.”  This doesn’t just mean asking you to recycle. Although they definitely support small-scale efforts like turning off the lights when you leave a room, they also go big.  They have written […]

How Cows Save Soil

19 Aug

grazing cows

We know that global warming is melting our polar ice caps and causing super-storms around the globe.  It may feel overwhelming to try to figure out solutions.  However, there is one solution that is easier than you would think.  It deals with the way cows save soil. It would stand to reason that too many […]

World Bank Group Pushes for Sustainable Development

16 Aug

Environmental accounting

The World Bank Group employs teams of bankers and consultants to bring environmental accounting to developing nations in order to ensure that natural resources are accounted for in economic development.  Environmental accounting means that science and statistics are applied to water supply, air quality, and commodity resources like diamonds or timber. The plan also looks […]

Salmon, More Than Just Dinner

14 Aug


Think salmon is just a fish you douse with lemon and pepper?  While it is a delicious dinner when paired with say summer squash and white wine, it is also an important piece of river ecosystems. Salmon play a part in understanding how healthy the ecosystem really is.  When we see a strong, booming salmon […]

Nuclear Radiation Leaking From Fukushima

12 Aug

Tepco logo

The Nuclear Regulation Authority in Japan has declared a leak at the Fukushima Nuclear Plant an “emergency.”  An underground barrier from the accident has been breached an undisclosed amount of highly radioactive water is being released into the Pacific Ocean.  The Tokyo Electric Power Company (Tepco) took countermeasures to the nuclear radiation leaking from Fukushima […]

Governor for Global Warming Solutions

9 Aug

bright green idea

We continue to hear about the earth heating up and polar ice caps melting.  We hear that we will soon be turning into “Water World,” and we’ll all grow fins and gills. No matter what, it’s becoming harder to deny the fact that global warming is real.  Now what?  With all the doom and gloom, […]

Bloomberg Proposes Seaport City

9 Aug

Mayor Bloomberg

Mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg released a development proposal last month entitled, “A Better, Stronger New York.”  The proposal was a reaction to the damage that Hurricane Sandy caused when it reached as far as Manhattan last year as it declined into a tropical storm.  Bloomberg’s proposal would entail creating a large waterfront […]