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Svalbard Global Seed Vault Protects Our Future

30 Sep

Spitsbergen, Norway, summer

Have you ever wondered what would happen if there were a nuclear disaster that wiped out the entirety of the world’s crops and seeds?  Would we be doomed to starve?  Some brilliant conservationists have already considered the possibility and created a contingency plan. The government of Norway funded a safe, cold storage facility for copies […]

KKR Evaluates the Benefits of the Shale Gas Revolution

27 Sep

shale gas

Since the early 2000s, shale gas has become an increasingly important source of natural gas in the United States, and one that has also been a subject of contention. There have been predictions made about shale gas becoming one of the primary sources of our country’s natural gas supply, increasing to nearly 50% in the […]


27 Sep

GMO crops

What, exactly, is a GMO?  It is an acronym for genetically modified organisms.  In this context, we are talking about genetically altered food.  It has recently become a hot topic due to all the progress in genetic engineering. At present, about 85 percent of all processed food in the United States is genetically modified.  There […]

People for Puget Sound Cleans Up the Shoreline

25 Sep

Puget Sound is home to a plethora of wildlife and is one of the main sources of food for people in the northwest.  A healthy ecosystem and sound is essential for the commercial success of the area as well as for environmentalists and nature lovers alike. Thankfully, there is a group dedicated to the cause.  […]

Bike Friendly Cities Prosper

23 Sep

bike commuter

The cities of San Francisco, California and Vancouver, B.C. are beginning to see the benefits of becoming cyclist friendly.  Both cities are enjoying more economic prosperity related to cycling lanes, increased bike traffic the communities that cyclists build.  Additionally, other cities are finding that customers who walk or bike are in some cases more valuable […]

Wind Energy: 50% Less Expensive in Just 4 Years

20 Sep

wind power wind energy

Alternative energy sources, namely renewable energy sources, has been big on the to-do list for environmentally concerned citizens, if not always their governments, for a long time. Unfortunately, one of the biggest roadblocks to finding a source of renewable energy has been cost—many options are simply too expensive to be viable. Or at least they […]

Does Global Warming Cause Murder?

20 Sep

global warming murder

Could there be a reason why the world is becoming a more dangerous and violent place?  Think it’s the economy?  Well, it might be something else altogether.  There is some scientific evidence to show that global warming may be the cause. The evidence shows that during times of intense drought or during heat waves, violence […]

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Still Strong After 142 Years

18 Sep

Deer in palouse

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is there to protect our wild spaces and endangered animals.  This governmental agency has been around since 1871, and it isn’t going away any time soon. The organization is now broken down into several different branches, which are in charge of wildlife preserves, national fish hatcheries, law enforcement and […]

No Water Is No Way to Live

16 Sep

sun scorched earth

Imagine a sun-scorched earth with people as parched as the land.  Animals lay in heaps under the trees, panting and trying to cool off.  Think this is some place in sub-Saharan Africa?  Well, you would be wrong.  This is right here in America: in Barnhart, Texas. Barnhart is a city where the water has actually […]

Environmental Protection Agency

13 Sep

EPA logo

There was a time when people really didn’t think much about the environment.  The word environmentalism didn’t even exist.  However, over the years, the issue of environmental stewardship has become very important.  What once was just a place we lived now became a place we take care of.  It was like going from renting to […]