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EarthCorps: Saving the World One Tree at a Time

30 Oct

EarthCorps logo

If you have ever been hiking and noticed discarded beer cans or garbage left from previous campers it might have made you angry.  If you were on an urban safari and noticed ivy growing down into an embankment, you might have thought it was beautiful until you noticed how it choked out all the other […]

Smog Squelches Holiday Plans in China

28 Oct

China air pollution face mask

The sun is out and it looks like a perfect day for a picnic.  You pack a spread of cold cuts, fruit and some sparkling water for the road.  You set out a blanket with your significant other, but suddenly the wind changes direction and in rolls lung-clogging smog.  You can scarcely catch your breath.  […]

KKR Green Portfolio: Responsible Investing

25 Oct

bright green idea

If we’re going to avoid a serious global warming crisis in the near future, we’re going to have to act fast—and in big ways. Global temperatures are shifting, and most are aware of the very real threat that shift brings. Yet, we continue to be wasteful, often simply too lazy or ignorant to change our […]

Kill No More: Utah’s BFF Animal Shelter

25 Oct

Best Friends Animal Society helps save lives.

What is one of the biggest fears about having to give up a beloved pet?  Undoubtedly, for many people the answer is that they won’t be adopted and will eventually be put to sleep at a shelter.  The good news is that there is an animal shelter and sanctuary that never kills any animal that […]

Raise the Roof(top Garden)

23 Oct

rooftop garden

With so much negative news about the environment these days, it’s time to be cheered up.  There are some things very much going in our favor.  Yes, climate change is real.  And, yes, global warming is happening right now.  However, there are many people and organizations working hard to stop it from progressing.  Many want […]

The Endangered Albatross

21 Oct


The poor albatross has had a sorry lot.  First, people use its name in such unfortunate similes as, “It’s like an albatross around your neck.”  What did the albatross ever do to you?  To make matters worse, 19 of the 22 species of albatross are being threatened with extinction. The majestic albatross, with a wingspan […]

Why You Should Vote “Yes” on Initiative 522

18 Oct

Just label it

There are only a few weeks left until Washington voters decide whether to pass initiative 522 or not.  That is the initiative in favor of labeling GMO foods as such.  There are ads running on TV and the radio for and against the proposal.  So far, the opposition is spending at least twice as much […]

OGX: One More Reason We Need Sustainable Energy

17 Oct

Oil drilling

When we think of oil companies today, many times we think of huge, looming, ever-profitable companies that are wreaking havoc on the environment. But Brazilian oil and gas company OGX Petroleo e Gas company isn’t as big or as powerful as it once was; in fact, it’s currently in the midst of a crisis that […]

African Wildlife Foundation Fights for a Beautiful Tomorrow

16 Oct

African Wildlife Foundation

Africa’s landscape is the stuff of dreams.  Her animals are like a menagerie, full of wild colors and patterns.  We imagine all of this will always be there when we are ready to go on safari.  However, the fact is these wild places and animals are threatened every day by poachers, environmental destruction and pollution. […]

Supergrass to the Rescue

14 Oct

Supergrass / Brachiaria

Nitrous oxide is more harmful than carbon dioxide or methane when it comes to global warming. Unfortunately, the gas makes up about 38% of all agriculture emissions, which are primarily from livestock production. Global warming is a serious issue that needs to be addressed and battled on multiple fronts, and the agriculture industry is one […]