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How Truthful is the “No Animals Were Harmed” Label?

27 Nov

Dog in Hollywood movie

In any movie that uses animals, it’s typical to see that phrase “No animals were harmed” running in the credits. Designed to put audiences at ease and ensure that animals aren’t treated poorly during the making of movies, one would think that it’s appearance at the end of films would be pretty straightforward. No animals […]

Tick-Tock, Time’s Almost Up Until Climate Calamity

25 Nov

global warming

A new report from IPCC and a video from Globaïa poignantly illustrates just where the world is heading if we don’t change course soon. Each day, we get closer to climate disaster—the two degrees Celsius rise in global temperatures set by scientists as the limit of what earth can handle. If nothing changes, by 2050 […]

Why We Need Green Spaces More than Ever

20 Nov

Future of parks, Central Park

One, parks were of mostly aesthetic value. As cities sprouted up and grew dense with concrete and people, humans realized that they were quickly losing something of value: green space. We started setting aside spaces here and there where we could go to enjoy the outdoors, unspoiled by urban life. Today, we’re facing a serious […]

Dolphin Action and Protection Group Saves Cetaceans One Plastic Bottle at a Time

18 Nov

Plastic waste kills many dolphins and other sea creatures each year.

There’s nothing like going on a whale watching trip on a sunny day.  You have your binoculars at the ready as a pod of dolphins emerges to jump and play with the boat.  People are snapping photos and having a wonderful time. Yet, there may be a time in the future that such an activity […]

Sustainable Practices Solidify Brickman’s Place as a Landscaping Leader

15 Nov

Brickman Group recycle

For some landscaping companies, overlooking ways to stay current with sustainable practices isn’t just bad for the earth; it’s bad for business. One company that is committed to employing green strategies is the Brickman Group, a leader in commercial landscaping, and one of the oldest companies of its kind. It’s a leader in marketing itself, […]

American Forests Is Keeping the Americas Beautiful and Rich

15 Nov

American Forests

If you have ever had the chance to get out for a walk in the forest, you know the peace and calm it brings you.  All your problems start to melt away as you still your mind and start to hear the sounds of the forest.  The sounds are slower than city sounds, so you […]

From Coats to Jobs: How One Woman Is Battling Homelessness

13 Nov

The Empowerment Fund helps homeless

The world can be a pretty cold place, especially if you’re homeless.  Imagine sleeping outside, all alone, in a dark alley wondering if you’ll ever warm up.  Imagine the despair you would feel knowing your clothes are all dirty, but you have no money to have them laundered.  Try to picture the landscape of homelessness.  […]

Amour Vert is Spreading the Green Love

11 Nov

Amour Vert, Green Love fashion

Amour Vert, French for “green love,” is a new fashion label whose love of fashion only matches their love of the planet.  Fashion is “the second-highest pollution-producing industry worldwide after big oil.”  We are already seeing the effects of climate change and damage to the environment. So, it’s high time for somebody in the fashion […]

NYC Gets a Shining, Sustainable New World Trade Center

8 Nov

One World Trade Center, NYC

As news of One World Trade Center’s 2014 completion creates a buzz among New Yorkers, many are curious about how the new skyscraper will match up against the iconic Twin Towers. Already being ranked as one of the safest buildings in the world, One WTC is also being praised for its remarkably sustainable, environmentally conscious […]

Kepler Data Shows A Massive 1/5 of Stars Surveyed Have Habitable Planets

6 Nov

Habitable planets

Most likely, the day will come when we earthlings will have to up and move to another planet. Whether that’s because we’ve completely destroyed this one, because we simply need a second home planet, or elsewise remains to be seen. But one thing is for sure: finding a habitable planet might not be as hard […]