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Tesla and SolarCity Partner Up for “Energy Storage”

30 Dec

green energy battery storage

The ever-trending Elon Musk is working to better the environment once again—this time, it’s a partnership between Tesla and SolarCity to provide energy storage systems for commercial buildings. The energy storage systems will be powered by batteries produced by Tesla, and are reportedly refrigerator-sized. The batteries were originally made to allow big commercial centers to […]

Art and Science Collide in the Olympus BioScapes Competition, for a Wondrous Effect

20 Dec

aquatic carniverous plant

Art and science don’t usually get paired off as things that go hand-in-hand. But when it comes to photography, there really can be some beautiful outcomes. Take the Olympus BioScapes International Digital Imaging Competition as an example: the competition invites photographers to put nature to the microscope, resulting in some truly amazing images and videos. […]

Evidence of an Ancient Freshwater Lake Found on Mars

18 Dec

lake on Mars

Could Mars support life? This is a question that many are asking, especially since NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory—AKA Curiosity Rover—was sent to Mars 16 months ago. Its major objective was to determine if Mars had, in the past, been able to support microbial life. And if so, could it do the same again someday? It’s […]

The Maroi Conservancy, Game Park and Farm

16 Dec

Maroi Conservancy South Africa

“All family and employees at Maroi Conservancy preserve the beauty of the country; work and live towards sustainability and actively shape the future for the next generations by supporting the education of the children of our nation.” These are the words of the Maroi Conservancy in South Africa.  The conservancy acts as a game park […]

Is Your “Faux Fur” Actually Real?

11 Dec

Is Your "Faux Fur" Actually Real?

  Recently, the retailer Kohl’s was found to be selling real fur on Nicole Lee Fabiola handbags marked faux fur.  It turned out the real fur trim was rabbit fur, according to a Humane Society of the United States warning. “Consumers should be aware that animal fur is still being sold as ‘faux’ by major […]

Melissa Bachman Goes on a Lion “Hunt”

9 Dec

Male Lion

When Melissa Bachman, TV personality on the Outdoor Channel, posted a picture to Twitter of herself and a dead lion, she sparked a big debate.  In the photo, Melissa is wearing an army green tank top and toting a huge gun.  The caption said, “An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60 yards […]

Your Favorite Science Guy Celebrated His Birthday Last Month!

6 Dec

science lessons, science experiment

Last month, your favorite science expert celebrated his birthday: Bill Nye the Science Guy! One of the most prominent faces of popular science, Nye has been in the public spotlight since the original airing of his popular show, Bill Nye the Science Guy began in 1993. Today, everyone’s favorite science guy is still actively involved […]

QueensWay to get High Line Park-Inspired Makeover

6 Dec

View of Manhattan from Queens

  Following in the green, trendsetting footsteps of Chelsea’s High Line Park, Queens has proposed plans for a very ecological facelift. The High Line Park is the result of a remarkable restoration project in which a crumbling, elevated rail line was transformed into a one-of-a-kind “floating park.” National Geographic contributor Paul Goldberger calls the park […]

7 Amazing Facts About Mother Earth

4 Dec

baby elephants

We like to talk about the environment here at Environmental Watch (duh), and while we also like to think we’re pretty in tune with what’s going on with good ol’ Mother Earth, the truth is, there are a lot of things we learn every day. We also like to pass information on, particularly the interesting […]

Next Up on the “Right to Know” Tour: Colorado

2 Dec

right to know gmo label

Earlier this month, Washington State voters rejected Initiative 522, an initiative that would have required all genetically modified (GMO) foods to be labeled. I-522 was struck down with a 54-45% vote, showing that though it didn’t pass, support was still very strong. California also struck down a similar ballot measure in 2012, but these setbacks […]