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A New Way to Be Memorialized: As a Diamond

31 Jan

blue diamond

My father has always told us kids exactly where he wants his ashes scattered, so that when the time comes, we’ll know what to do. Planning for death during life is a common process for many, especially those who are beginning to feel the effects of old age kicking in. Some may want a traditional […]

MIT’s New Solar Cell Harvests Solar Energy More Efficiently Than Ever

29 Jan

MIT's New Solar Cell

MIT researchers have put a new spin on harvesting solar energy by developing a solar cell that absorbs heat from the sun far more efficiently than current models. A research paper published in Nature Nanotechnology describes the process as augmenting the conventional silicon-based solar cells with a second layer of nanotubes and photon-absorbing crystals. In […]

China Exports Smog; Americans Are Unhappy

27 Jan

Beijing China smog

China’s latest export to the US is proving to be unpopular with the West Coast.  According to new findings from researchers at UC Irvine, China’s smog, now infamous, is blowing all the way across the Pacific Ocean and onto American shores. The researchers make an effort to point out that the US takes its half […]

7 Ways to Reduce Waste at Home

24 Jan

paper coffee cup

Being green at home is easy enough to do—it just has to be thought of. Our culture is one of consumption, and from an early age many of us are taught to consume what we need and throw out all the rest. The problem is, when there are more than 7 billion inhabitants of our […]

Tips on How to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient

22 Jan

Refrigerator efficiency

These days, it seems like every aspect of our lives is dominated by the word efficient. We have to be more efficient at work so that we can stay ahead of the game. We have to be more efficient while doing errands and chores so that we have more time to ourselves. We need to […]

Proximity to Urban Green Spaces Can Lead to Improved Mental Health, New Study Says

20 Jan

Urban green spaces can lead to improved mental health.

For some time now, researchers have been telling us that living in an urban environment isn’t always good for our mental health. Studies have shown that city dwellers are more likely to suffer from anxiety, high stress, and other mental health disorders when compared to folks who live in a more pastoral environment. Happily, there […]

Biofluorescent Fish Light Up Deep Sea Waters

17 Jan

biofluorescent fish john sparks

Remember how, as a kid you used to put up those little glow-in-the-dark stars and planets on your walls? Or perhaps you had a friend who did? We used to leave the lights on as long as possible so that our stars could “charge up” and glow even brighter. As a kid, I had no […]

KKR to Expand Energy Efforts to Calgary

17 Jan

KKR Canada Henry Kravis George Roberts

KKR, the New York-based investment firm headed by Henry Kravis and George Roberts has plans to open an office in Calgary, says company spokeswoman Kristi Huller. The confirmed opening of a new office is part of KKR’s plan to further expand its energy business. According to Bloomberg Business, the investment firm is “setting up a […]

Ancient “Big Bang” Galaxies Are Earliest Ever Captured

15 Jan

NASA Space Telescope

Earlier this month, science enthusiasts got a glimpse of some of the oldest galaxies we have seen yet. NASA has been exploring galaxy clusters using the Hubble, Spitzer, and Chandra space telescopes in an initiative called “Frontier Fields.” The first fruits of that labor were delivered at the American Astronomical Society meeting in Maryland. By […]

West Virginia Water Crisis Shows the Danger of Chemical Spills

14 Jan

WV Water Ban, chemical spill

“Don’t drink the water,” is usually a warning given to travelers when they plan a trip abroad to an undeveloped country. It’s not typically a phrase you hear in the United States, where we’re generally lucky enough to have clean water for drinking, cooking, showering, and all our other daily necessities. Unfortunately, for the last […]