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Lawsuits Filed in Nevada over Mismanagement of Wild horses

28 Feb


The Nevada Farm Bureau Federation and the Nevada Association of Counties named three defendants in their lawsuit filed December 30th in US District Court. The groups say the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) should “destroy” horses that are judged to be unadoptable rather than keeping them in crowded ranches, reported the Elko Daily Free Press. […]

Trudeau says Stronger Environmental Laws would Affect Keystone’s Approval

26 Feb


Speaking from the Liberal convention in Montreal, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says the Conservative government’s lack of environmental stewardship is causing the Keystone XL pipeline to go unapproved. Trudeau said that neither Americans nor Canadians are convinced the environment is a priority when it comes to the $7-billon pipeline. During his keynote address Saturday, Trudeau […]

Obama Calls for $1 Billion Climate Change Fund

24 Feb


Earlier this week, President Obama headed to the Central Valley of California to make his case that the government should better prepare for economic damage that climate change will cause. This is the worst drought California has seen in 500 years. As of last Tuesday, 98.57 percent of California was experiencing some drought. Along with […]

This Is What 13 Years of Deforestation Looks Like

21 Feb

Global Forest Watch

Deforestation is one of those environmental topics that can be hard for some to visualize. Living in a bustling city, imagining what deforestation actually looks like, and what it actually does to the environment can be difficult. It’s different than experiencing the weather shifts caused by global warming or seeing the local landfill overflowing because […]

Solar Energy in India Causes Upset in Washington

20 Feb

Sean King Channel News Asia

The U.S. last week announced that it would be filing a case at the World Trade Organization (WTO) against India over domestic content requirements in its massive new solar program. India plans to double renewable energy capabilities within the next three years—but as of now requires Indian solar developers to use only locally made equipment. […]

China Rewarding Cities for Progress on Air Pollution

19 Feb


Earlier this week, Chinese officials announced they are offering a total of 10 billion renminbi, or $1.65 billion, this year to cities and regions that make “significant progress” in air pollution control. The announcement of the financial incentives revealed how difficult it has been for some leaders in Beijing to get Chinese companies and government […]

First Vast Solar Power Plant Opens, Facing Doubts

17 Feb

bright green idea

The Ivanpah solar power plant in California, which opened Thursday, February 13th, took almost four years and thousands of workers assembling millions of parts to complete. It is the first electric generator of its kind. Almost 350,000 mirrors the size of garage doors tilt toward the sun with the ability to energize 140,000 homes. Unfortunately, […]

This Hanging Garden Will Blow Your Mind

12 Feb

vertical garden

Did you know that more than half of the world’s population lives in cities? Cities often offer greater career potential, educational opportunities, and more—but have limited space. As more of the population has migrated to urban landscapes, many have begun to feel the need for more green space—something vertical garden architect Patrick Blanv calls “a […]

Top Ten Metro Areas for Green-Friendly Apartments

10 Feb

LEED is one of the best known and regarded certifications for green buildings.

Have you ever wondered if your city stacks up to others when it comes to green living? If you live in Seattle, San Antonio, or Austin, congrats! Your city is recognized on the list of “Top Ten Metros for Green-Friendly Apartments.” In an analysis by Apartment Guide, 71 percent noted interest in green considerations for […]

Vending Machines Enter the Healthy Eating Era with Farmer’s Fridge

7 Feb


No matter how much we wish it would sometimes, life just never seems to slow down. As humans, we’re becoming experts at doing things more efficiently and effectively—because we have to. Our lives have become overpopulated with To-Do lists, late nights on the job, frequent travel, and more. Weren’t automobiles and planes supposed to make […]