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GM Recalls 824k Additional Vehicles

31 Mar


General Motors announced last Friday it is recalling 824,000 more cars that might have faulty ignition switches. GM recalls began with 1.6 million cars in February because of the same problem. The recall affected Chevrolet Cobalt, HHR, Pontiac G5, Solstice and Saturn Ion and Sky vehicles sold in the U.S. between 2008 and 2011. “We […]

Linkin Park Honored With Environmental Excellence Award

28 Mar

Linkin Park

UCLA’s Institute of the Environment and Sustainability honored Linkin Park, producer Lawrence Bender and U.S. Representative Henry Waxman for each of their environmental accomplishments. The event, “Curb Your Enthusiasm’s” was hosted by Cheryl Hines last Friday at the private estate of Tony and Jeanne Pritzker in Beverly Hills. Linkin Park, who was honored at the […]

Business Owner to Pay for Dumping Grease into Indiana Sewers

26 Mar


The owner of a northwestern Indiana company must pay $200,000 in fines and restitution for illegally dumping grease into the city of Hammond’s sewer system. U.S. District Judge Philip Simon also sentenced NH Environmental’s owner, Ronald Holmes, to four years of probation and 100 hours of community service. “I view this as serious, but I’ve […]

Environmental Groups Fight Back Against AFP

26 Mar

Americans for Prosperity

  Several environmental groups are launching a $5 million push to fight back against attacks from Americans for Prosperity. The billionaire energy moguls Charles and David Koch back the conservative group that seems to have their own interests in mind. The groups fighting back include the Sierra Club, the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) and the […]

Interview: The Washington Environmental Council

25 Mar


  The Washington Environmental Council (WEC) is a nonprofit, statewide organization that has been helping the environment since 1967. WEC has played a big part in continuing to keep Washington’s environment clean through enforcing laws, rallies, and more. We recently had the opportunity to speak with representatives from the organization, and learn a little more […]

Would Marijuana Legalization Harm the Environment?

24 Mar


Along with several other reasons, the federal government has been reluctant to legalize marijuana because a large number of marijuana operations negatively impact the environment through excessive water usage, a recently released report suggests. Pointing to California’s recent extreme drought problems as an example, the report notes that “The huge volumes of water used to […]

REAL School Gardens Helps Grow Successful Students in Low-Income Areas

22 Mar

REAL School Gardens

  REAL School Gardens is a nonprofit organization that works to “create learning gardens that grow successful students.” In order to do so, teachers, parents, businesses, and students come together to design a learning garden. These gardens are created in low-income schools, where teachers use them to improve academic achievement and student engagement. REAL School […]

D.C. Environmental Film Festival Launches

21 Mar


Thursday, March 20th, marked the beginning of the D.C. Environmental Film Festival, which hosts a stellar line-up of 200 films (many of them free), including stories about shady politicians, the impacts of technology on our happiness, and cancer-causing chemicals. The film festival—showing mostly free films—runs through the 30th of this month. A common theme at […]

Penguin Foundation Is “Overwhelmed” With Little Penguin Sweaters

19 Mar


For quite some time now, knitted sweaters have been saving penguins affected by oil spills. But in Australia, they now have enough of the sweaters to last quite some time. The Penguin Foundation supposedly issued a global callout for warm pullovers to aid the penguins and keep them from ingesting toxic oil with their beaks […]

Autism Disorders Greatly Linked to Environmental Factors

17 Mar


The underlying causes of autism have never been fully understood, although usually health experts have blamed a combination of genetics and environmental factors. Now, a newly released meta-analysis has shown that toxins play a much more significant role in the cause of this neurodevelopmental disorder than previously thought. Researchers from the University of Chicago published […]