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South Florida at High Risk from Sea Level Rise

30 May

florida coast sea level rise

According to the US National Climate Assessment released by the White House Tuesday, South Florida is facing some major risks from sea level rises, increasing temperatures and decreased water availability. “Sea level rise presents major challenges to South Florida’s existing coastal water management system due to a combination of increasingly urbanized areas, aging flood control […]

Drought in California takes Center Stage in Senate

28 May

california drought

Senator Dianne Feinstein overcame environmentalists’ objections and Republicans’ skepticism in pushing through a drought-relief bill that could ship more water to farms and cities and weaken protections for fish. Welcoming passage of a U.S. Senate bill to address water problems caused by the severe California drought, California Farm Bureau Federation President Paul Wenger urged congressional […]

Markell Nominates Environmental Leader for DNREC Post

26 May


Earlier this week, Governor Jack Markell announced he would be nominating Deputy Secretary David Small to be Secretary of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC). Small will succeed Collin O’Mara who is to become the President and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation in July/ Markell’s nomination is subject to confirmation by […]

California Artist Creates Homeless Homes Using Trash

23 May

homeless homes project

We throw a lot of things away. We get tired of how an old desk or dresser or chair looks, and we replace it with something shiny and new. Sometimes we’ll sell or give away the old items, but other times they just end up going in the dumpster, especially if they’re broken. But a […]

Things That Matter: Eco-Friendly Dog Poop Bags

21 May


Have you ever thought about the impact all of the plastic bags used to pick up dog poop everyday have on the environment? Chicagoan Paul Cannella did. He never seemed to have enough. He’d double bag his groceries even when he didn’t need to and ask his mother to save them for him so he’d […]

CO2 Making Wheat, Rice Less Nutritious

19 May


According to recent scientific research, rising carbon dioxide emissions are set to make the world’s largest staple food crops less nutritious. Field trials of wheat, rice, maize and soybeans showed that higher CO2 levels significantly reduced the levels of the essential nutrients iron and zinc, and also cut protein levels. “We found rising levels of […]

Next Up for Extinction: World’s Smallest Kangaroos

16 May


Queensland, Australia, is home to the world’s smallest kangaroos—at least for now. The tiny breed of animals seems to be going extinct. The discovery of musky rat-kangaroo fossils suggests these tiny marsupials can’t survive beyond tropical rainforests, which means their existence is seriously threatened by global warming. There used to be many species of the […]

What “Fair Trade” Means (Infographic)

12 May


I was in college the first time I saw the Fair Trade Certified label. Waiting in line for my coffee, I naively wondered, “What the heck does that mean? Why would trade be unfair?” Little did I know that far too often, trade is unfair. And many people don’t even know they are a part […]

Green Jobs Make for Better Business

10 May


Over the past few years, President Obama has spearheaded myriad climate control campaigns. Most recently, he announced the country’s plans to step forward with energy efficient and sustainable practices for job training. These new “green jobs” will focus heavily on everything from solar power equipment to controlling specific company emissions. The most controversial piece of […]

Obama Wins Clean-Air Victory in Supreme Court

7 May


Last week, Obama’s administration received surprisingly strong Supreme Court support in its clean-air efforts to curb air pollution crossing state lines. In a very conservative majority court that usually sides against the federal government’s nationwide clean air policies, the 6-2 vote was a rare environmental victory. The decision unblocks a 2011 rule requiring 28 eastern […]