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Beef Has Huge Environmental Costs, Far above Poultry, Pork

30 Jul


There was a new study released Monday this week that stated beef is by far the most environmentally damaging protein. According to the research in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, beef requires 28 times more land than what the average total is for dairy, eggs, poultry or pork to be produced. Compared […]

Peru Passes New Law that Weakens Environmental Safeguards

28 Jul


Dozens of international groups, the United Nations, and even Peru’s own citizen ombudsman are objecting to a new law that weakens environmental protections in the Andean nation even as it prepares to host international climate talks this year. The law was originally aimed at increasing investment, will strip Peru’s six-year-old environment ministry of jurisdiction over […]

California Drought Taking Toll on Economy

25 Jul

California Drought

The 2014 drought in California, the third most severe on record, has brought with it a plague of new problems for the state. The drought has cost California’s economy $2.2 billion, according to a report from the University of California, Davis. The UC Davis Center for Watershed Sciences study updates estimates on the drought’s effects […]

New York Plans to Use Environmental Funds for Bridge

24 Jul

Brooklyn Bridge

On Wednesday, a state board approved half of New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s plan to use clean water funds to help finance construction of the new Tappan Zee Bridge. The Public Authorities Control Board authorized the $256 million, five-year, no interest loan from the Environmental Facilities Corp. after two members noted federal authorities haven’t signed […]

San Francisco’s Air Pollution Problem is Getting Worse

23 Jul


Neighborhoods on the eastern side of San Francisco that are adjacent to the freeway are known for being the most polluted in San Francisco—and are now also seeing the most new construction, only adding to the problem. Neighborhoods such as Bayview and South of Market are seeing air pollution become even more of an issue, […]

South America Better Be Equipped to Deal With El Niño, Experts Claim

18 Jul

The El-Niño Phenomenon

Every year, the threat of El Niño looms ominously over many regions in South America, where local governments and residents seek to protect themselves against the domino effect of natural disasters that can arise from it. El Niño, which is Spanish for “the boy,” is a natural phenomenon that is characterized by higher water temperatures […]

Oil Drilling Debate Intensifies in Florida

16 Jul


Earlier this month, the Conservancy of Southwest Florida spoke out against oil drilling at a county commission meeting in Collier County, Florida. The local environmental group is concerned about the state’s Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) and how it isn’t doing enough about oil drilling and the controversial well near Immokalee. The DEP recently wrote […]

Magnitude 6.9 Earthquake Hits Mexico, Central America

15 Jul


Early in the morning on Monday, July 7th, a powerful earthquake hit southern Mexico and Central America, killing at least three people and damaging dozens of buildings in Guatemala. The 6.9 quake was felt as far north as Mexico City, through central Guatemala and as far south as El Salvador. The Pacific Coast of the […]

Environmental Lawyer Chosen to Lead Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

11 Jul

Gary Rikard

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has named 44-year-old environmental lawyer Gary Rikard to replace the outgoing executive director of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. Rikard is a resident of Olive Branch, Mississippi and was previously an attorney for the department back in the 1990s, where he has also worked as an environmental engineer. Rikard succeeds […]

Environmental Groups Work to Protect Prairie Chickens

10 Jul

Prairie Chickens

Three environmental groups have filed a lawsuit in an attempt to force the federal government to make more aggressive protection efforts for the prairie chicken. The lawsuit comes from a decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in March to list the lesser prairie chicken as threatened, but not an endangered species. The ruling […]