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Mojave Solar Plant Killing Birds in Mid-Air

28 Aug

Mojave Desert solar plant

There is a massive solar energy plant in the Mojave Desert that typically provides many environmental benefits, but lately there seems to be a new environmental concern associated with the plant. The solar energy facility, which is a joint project between NRG Energy, BrightSource Energy, and Google, is killing thousands of birds mid-air each year […]

Alaskan Environmental Groups Fight Back Against Massive Timber Sale

27 Aug

Tongass Timber

The infamous Tongass timber war that was dormant for many years may be reigniting again soon in southeast Alaska. The massive, multi-year Big Thorne project proposed by the U.S. Forest Service would harvest tens of millions of board feet of timber from irreplaceable old growth. This initiative, if carried out fully, has the potential to […]

Environmental Delays Hit Coal India’s Plan for 20 Mines

22 Aug

A coal mine in India.

Coal India was delayed this week in their plan to build twenty new coal mine projects due to difficulties acquiring land and environmental clearances. The coal minister made this announcement earlier this month. India’s Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, is struggling to pull through on his campaign promise to light up every home. In India, it […]

Environmental Regulations in California May be Waived for Tesla

19 Aug


Elon Musk and Tesla are in the planning phases for establishing a Gigafactory, which has ensued a bidding war. The factory was originally set to be near Reno, Nevada, but now several other states have joined the bidding war for the honor, including California, Arizona, Texas and New Mexico. California really is pursuing the factory, […]

Big Businesses Up the Ante in Environmentally Focused Corporate Social Responsibility

15 Aug


  Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is something that many major corporations have always put an enormous emphasis on, but CSR programs with a focus on the environment are relatively new. Happily, more big businesses are beginning to embrace environmentally focused CSR, which not only allows for the clout of major corporations to improve the environment, […]

Water Supply in Toledo Still Suspended

14 Aug

Toledo, Ohio

In Toledo, Ohio, population 400,000, the mayor recently instructed citizens to avoid drinking tap water for a second day. The city officials issued a warning earlier this month explaining that tests showed a reading of microcystin above the standard for consumption. The algae on Lake Erie are assumed to have caused the toxin. Interestingly, the […]

Republicans Accuse ‘Billionaires Club’ of Illicitly Funding Environmental Causes

13 Aug

Billionaires Club

Late last month, the Republican members of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works released a 92-page report that alleges a “far-left environmental machine” that “exerts tremendous sway” over policies that hurt the economy. The Republicans involved in the report claim that there is an “elite group of liberal millionaires and billionaires” pumping funds […]

Florida Governor Rick Scott Reveals Environmental Plan

11 Aug

West Palms Beach, Florida

Rick Scott, governor of Florida, presented a new proposal this week that aspires to spend more than $1 billion improving water quality around Florida. The proposal would also expand land conservation efforts throughout the state. If the proposal is accepted, Gov. Scott plans to spend $500 million over the next ten years to protect the […]

E-Waste in Developing Countries Endangers Environment and Locals

8 Aug


Rising levels of hazardous electronic waste is putting workers in developing countries and the environment at risk. Though some of the disused computers, cellphones, televisions, and other products are locally generated, the majority of the e-waste is being sent there from the developed world, especially the U.S. According to a study published in June by […]

Pennsylvania, North Carolina Question EPA Carbon Plan

6 Aug

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) held a hearing earlier this month about the groundbreaking proposal it originally rolled out in June. While environmentalists are ecstatic about the limits to greenhouse gases included in the proposal, skeptics say it will kill many jobs and drive up electric rates. North Carolina’s environmental agency is one […]