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MIT Study Examines Greener Methods for Making Concrete

30 Sep


Consider this: concrete is the most widely used construction material on the planet and its production accounts for roughly 5% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Recently, a fascinating new study from MIT reports that these carbon emissions could be cut in half while creating a stronger and longer-lasting concrete. The findings come from the most […]

Leo DiCaprio Honored for Work in Environmental Initiatives

26 Sep

Leonardo Dicaprio

Last weekend, actor Leonardo DiCaprio accepted the Clinton Global Citizen Award in New York for his environmental efforts. DiCaprio accepted the award from World Wildlife Fund CEO Carter Roberts, and reportedly urged the public to donate to environmental causes in his acceptance speech. “Now more than ever nature needs a voice. Leonardo DiCaprio is that […]

PlantLab Promises Efficient and Sustainable “Vertical Farms”

24 Sep

greenhouse, farm

Agribusiness, the high-tech industry concerned with agricultural produce and services required in farming, has been faced with a problem for years: how to effectively feed the increasing number of people around the globe in the future. The problem lies in the fact that a greater population of people mean the need for more food to […]

Malaysia “Smart Villages” are Green Technology Masterpieces

23 Sep


Malaysia is currently pioneering incredibly successful innovations in the area of sustainability that we could all learn a thing or two from. Malaysian “smart villages” are incredibly cost-effective, easy to build, include many 21st century amenities, and are, of course, very green. These self-sustaining “smart villages” can support up to 100 families each and greatly […]

Peru Investigates the Killing of Environmental Advocate Edwin Chota

22 Sep


Authorities in Peru are now investigating the killing of an environmental advocate and indigenous leader who died late in August. The advocate, Edwin Chota, died along with three other men in a remote area of the Amazon jungle that Chota had sought to protect from illegal logging. Now, illegal loggers are being blamed for the […]

Shark Culling Program Rejected by Environmental Protection Authority

19 Sep

Great Barrier Reef

The Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) recommended that Western Australia’s controversial shark culling program should not be extended, citing that there is a “high degree of scientific uncertainty” about the impact of the drumlines on the great white shark population. Now, the baited drumlines will not be deployed this summer. Under the Western Australia government’s proposal, […]

Sandy Victims Forced to Return FEMA Funds

17 Sep

Hurricane Sandy was among one of the most costly hurricanes in U.S. history. The storm hit in 2012, striking New York and New Jersey coasts, hitting some of the most densely populated areas in the United States, and eventually killing 280 people in the U.S. and Caribbean. Thousands of people received aid from the government […]

Judge Rules BP Was Reckless in Gulf Oil Spill

12 Sep

Hundreds of birds have washed ashore covered in an oily, sticky substance believed to be polyisobutene (PIB), leaving the birds sickened or dead.

The 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill has come back to haunt British Petroleum (BP) once again: a U.S. judge has ruled that BP’s recklessness caused the 2010 massive oil spill. BP already agreed to pay billions of dollars in criminal fines and compensation to people and businesses affected by the disaster, but now the […]

Tesla Could Win Big By Moving to Nevada

10 Sep


The Silver State could be just the place Tesla is looking for to create an even more innovative, energy efficient electric car. Reportedly, Nevada is offering the electric car maker $1.3 billion in tax breaks along with other financial incentives spanning a 20 year period, if Tesla aggress to set up shop there. State lawmakers […]

Is Global Warming on Hold? Atlantic Ocean Theorized to Trap Missing Heat

4 Sep

Global Warming

While rising temperatures throughout the world are still occurring, according to some experts, rapid warming has flat-lined, or “paused” since the late 1990s.  Even as gas emissions have significantly risen, heat has seemed to escape somewhere.  However, “Where to?” is the question that has many scientists confounded.  According to two experts, oceanographer Xianyao Chen, and […]