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KKR Releases Performance Report for Green Portfolio Program Companies

31 Oct

Green Portfolio Program

One recent success story of green initiatives in the world of big business comes from private equity firm KKR: the company’s Green Portfolio Program is helping to improve the environment by drastically decreasing the carbon emissions of its companies, while also increasing the amount of materials it recycles. While large businesses have had green initiatives […]

9 Ways to Clean Using What’s Already in Your Home

29 Oct

clean, household supplies

There are many great ways to make your home spick and span without breaking the bank, or using harsh cleaning chemicals. Many approaches to cleaning that utilize products you already have stocked may actually be “greener” for your home, and the environment. The following ideas will save you time and money and will contribute to […]

How Offshore Wind Farms Affect Marine Life

28 Oct

offshore wind farms

Wind power is one of the most valuable sources of clean energy today. One problem that proponents of clean energy have faced is the fact that wind turbines occupy a lot of space. Supporters of clean energy were thrilled to discover technology that now allows us to create offshore farms of wind turbines, turning previously […]

Sustainable Living 101: Make Your Own Yogurt At Home

22 Oct


Trying to make small changes to be a more environmentally friendly person can require a lot of re-evaluating how you look at things. For example: old food. Moldy food and sour milk strike disgust in most of us. Why is that the case? Despite the societal perceptions of expiration dates and freshness, most of the […]

California Drought Makes Jack-O’-Lanterns, Corn Mazes Smaller

20 Oct

jack-o'-lantern pumpkins

You can now add pumpkins to your list of victims of the California Drought, which has lasted since January. Pumpkin crops are ripening sooner this season, causing many to fear that prices will rise and the quality of the crop will suffer during this season Halloween. California is the second largest producer of pumpkins in […]

NASA Confirms September 2014 as Hottest since 1880

16 Oct

September was hottest month

According to a NASA monthly report, September 2014 was the warmest month to date, going back more than 130 years. During September, the global average temperature was 1.38 degrees F above the historical average, calculated using data ranging from 1951–1980. This follows an August that had the same results, being the hottest August in recorded […]

15 Ways to Make your Home More Eco-Friendly

14 Oct


There are more ways to make your home eco-friendly than solar panels and temperature-regulating walls. An environmentally responsible home not only saves you money, but saves the earth too. Here are some ways to make your home more environmentally friendly. 1)   Use CFL light bulbs. It will save 400 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions if […]

U.S. to Invest in Asian Clean Energy Boom

10 Oct

Earlier this month it was reported that an astounding $175 billion was spent globally on renewable energy projects during the first three business quarters, with Chinese investment in solar resources at a record high. China isn’t the only Asian country that is dedicated to investing in clean energy; Japan is reportedly the second-biggest solar market. […]

5 Numbers that Address the Need for Immediate Climate Change Action

8 Oct


Climate change has been a hot-button topic for a while now, but it has been generating a lot of buzz as of late. Although there are obviously other numbers that can be pulled from myriad outlets about how we are quickly falling into global warming, below are five of the most shocking. When all are […]

Blue Whale Population Slowly Recovers off California Coast

6 Oct

blue whale

For decades, blue whales inhabiting the US west coast waters were slowly going extinct from years of hunting. The blue whale, also known as the Balaenoptera musculus, the largest animal on the planet, saw devastation in its population because of whaling. The incredible creatures grow to nearly 100 feet and weigh more than 160 tons; […]