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Oil Found in Water Supply Following Yellowstone River Pipeline Spill

27 Jan

Oil in water

News broke earlier this month about a massive oil spill into Montana’s Yellowstone River, the second in less than four years. The terrible incident is now causing officials to question an oversight in the nation’s aging pipeline network. Company officials and investigators have been trying to determine the cause of the 40,000-gallon spill that ruined […]

The Green Guide to Cleaning Your Bedroom

15 Jan

Clean Room

There’s a huge market for green cleaning products for bathrooms and kitchens, which helps many people breathe easier knowing there are no harsh chemicals being used. But what about our bedrooms, where we spend a third of our day? Many people pick up the floor and vacuum fairly regularly, but we also need to keep […]

Math Helps Determine the Former Color of Yellowstone’s Morning Glory Pool

13 Jan

Morning Glory Pool

With the help of mathematics, the original color of Yellowstone National Park’s Morning Glory Pool may have been discovered. According to recent research, the yellow, green and blue sight at the Yellowstone National Park may have not always been so colorful. Named by the blue trumpet-shaped flower, the Morning Glory Pool used to be clear […]

Greenland Ice Loss Worse Than Predicted

8 Jan

When it comes to the melting ice in Greenland, the environmental risks might occur quicker than predicted, as new studies reveal the impending dangers caused by climate change. Until recently, the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change based its estimation of ice loss from Greenland on the four largest of an estimated 242 major […]

Tools to Make Winter Cleaning Easy

6 Jan

Jackets in laundry room

The cold winter months often bring in party crashers like snow, sleet, and sludge. Stop putting up with their dirty nonsense this winter in your apartment once and for all. Below are a few cleanliness killjoys and the products that will make dealing with them headache free. We all know that cooking can get messy. […]