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Easy Ways to Green Your Routine

30 Apr


Maybe with Earth Day last week, your desire to be eco-friendly is somewhat heightened. After all, as we move into the future, protecting and sustaining the earth has become more important than ever. So how can you be more conscious about the environment and your health without adopting a zero-waste lifestyle or eating all organic? […]

Brazil to Increase Use of Renewable Energy

24 Apr


Looking to combat deforestation and create a low-carbon agriculture, Brazil is looking to increase its renewable energy in its most recent climate proposal. The last ten years have proved Brazil to be one of the biggest proponents of creating a healthier environment, and combating climate change. Between 2005 and 2012 Brazil has managed to cut […]

New Yeast Strain May be Secret to Efficient Biofuels

17 Apr


Researchers at the University of Texas at Austin have developed a new strain of yeast which may lead to more efficient biofuel production. The yeast, called Yarrowia lipolytica, quickly converts simple sugars into oils and fats called lipids, which can subsequently be used instead of petroleum based products. These lipids might be used in biofuel, […]

Californians Endure Historic Drought

15 Apr

California Drought

Droughts are not uncommon in California, but this year’s dry spell has reached unprecedented and dangers levels. California got even more bad news about the state of its historic drought last week, and now, residents have to take drastic measures to conserve the dwindling water supply. Governor Jerry Brown ordered the state’s Water Resources Control […]

Earth’s Biodiversity Lowest in History

13 Apr


Earth’s land-based biodiversity has taken a huge hit in the last century or so. According to researchers from London’s Natural History Museum, the United Nations Environment Programme World Conservation Monitoring Centre, and a number of British universities, the average ecosystem has lost 14% of its biodiversity. By considering 26,593 species and comparing information submitted from […]

Two New Membranes Can Help Water Filtration

9 Apr

Water Filtration

New developments in water filtration could have a big impact on the world’s water supply. Researchers in Australia and the Netherlands have, separately, developed new filtration systems that work more efficiently and can filter out the smallest pollutants, respectively. In Australia, researchers at the Melbourne School of Engineering, in conjunction with CSIRO (the Commonwealth Scientific […]

Aboriginal Group Fights Coalmine in Australia

1 Apr

Coal mine

An aboriginal group in central Queensland is attempting to prevent Australia’s largest mine from being built on its ancestral land. Representatives for the Wangan and Jagalingou people have formally rejected an Indigenous land use agreement which would allow the huge $16 billion Carmichael min in the coal-rich region. Adrian Burragubba has written to the Queensland […]

Study Finds that Environmentalists are more Compassionate People

1 Apr


A recent study published in Germany investigates the connection between environmentalism and compassion for other people. The psychologists performing the study found that people who feel more sympathy for human suffering are more likely to support environmental causes. The study also investigated a causal relationship between the two. They had participants view pictures of human […]