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Rising Oceans Temperatures Threaten Global Biodiversity

28 Aug

Ocean biodiversity

Oceans contain a myriad of fragile ecosystems, which can be harmed by any number of things, like pollution, invasive species, or climate change. According to a new study by researchers at the ARC Center for Excellence in Coral Reef Studies, warming oceans will cause profound changes in ocean ecosystems, putting as many as 13,000 species […]

Human Activity is Reversing 1,800 Years of Ocean Cooling

27 Aug


According to a new study by researchers at the University of Maryland, the oceans were in the process of cooling for about 1,800 years, before human caused climate change started to reverse that trend. The researchers looked at 57 previously published studies on ocean water temperature, as well as models of surface temperatures to come […]

Despite Silly Name, “Shade Balls” Are Good For Water Conservation

25 Aug

California has been having water problems for a while now, and the drought this summer has been particularly bad. One way to lessen the blow of that drought is to protect reservoir water from evaporating, thus prolonging supplies and reducing the need to tap into natural reserves. Of course, that isn’t an easy task, but […]

Study Shows Some Species Protect Young From Ocean Acidification

24 Aug


The oceans have always worked in conjunction with trees and other plants to help reduce CO2 in the air. Unfortunately, human activity has put so much CO2 into the atmosphere that the oceans can’t keep up, and as a result, they’re becoming acidic. The acidification of the oceans isn’t visible to the naked eye yet, […]

Researchers Discover New Anglerfish Species

14 Aug


The greatest depths of the oceans are known for hiding some pretty strange looking creatures. Perhaps best known are anglerfish, which have appendages tipped with bioluminescent lures that they use to attract prey. When another fish swims up looking for a meal, the angler eats it. Recently, a research team from Nova Southeastern University discovered […]

Ocean Acidification Will Devastate Ecosystems

12 Aug

Ocean Acidification

Researchers at the University of Adelaide have been studying underwater volcanic vents to see what kind of effects excess CO2 has on ocean ecologies. Human activity has severely increased the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere, which in turn increases the amount of CO2 in the oceans, as they absorb a significant amount of that […]

Droughts Reduce Tree Growth for 2 to 4 Years

11 Aug


The world’s forests do a lot of work to counteract carbon emissions, breathing in that CO2 so trees can grow. Many climate change models have assumed that trees will continue to do so at a pretty consistent rate, which will help offset humanity’s carbon footprint. Unfortunately, researchers have discovered a problem in that thinking: trees […]

Galapagos Penguins Get Boost from Climate Change

7 Aug


The effects of global climate change have largely been negative so far, especially in the world’s oceans. For Galapagos penguins however, climate change might be a boon. The small penguins were added to the endangered species list in 2000 when their population dropped to only a few hundred, but recent effects of climate change may […]

Some Fish Can Adjust Sex Ratios in Warming Water

3 Aug


Among the many problems caused by global climate change is a general warming of the oceans. While this may sound pleasant to the average swimmer, it has already begun to have devastating effects on ocean ecosystems. For some species of fish, an increase of average water temperatures of even 1.5° Celsius can result in a […]