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NIBC Says Yes

30 Oct

green business

The NIBC Say Yes campaign, started in 2013, presents a way for the company to show their positive attitude and their desire to attract flexible entrepreneurial customers who specialize in areas like agriculture, manufacturing, technology, and commercial real estate. Founded in 1945, the company began as a way to help new businesses rebuild the Netherlands […]

Sea Levels Will Rise Catastrophically If Emissions Aren’t Curbed

29 Oct

rising sea levels

According to a new study, if we can’t keep global temperatures from rising less than 2 degree Celsius we could be in for hundreds, if not thousands, of years of sea level rises as the Antarctic ice shelves collapse. We’ll have to significantly reduce emissions by 2020 in order to do that, but even then, […]

Swedish Lizards Benefit from Global Warming

27 Oct


While global climate change is proving harmful to many plants and animals in a variety of ways, for some creatures, it’s actually proving helpful. For most creatures, increasing temperatures from global warming results in moving to other locations or struggling to survive. For Swedish sand lizards, however, it’s actually a good thing. Since reptiles are […]

81 American Companies Pledge to Help U.S. Reduce Emissions

26 Oct

carbon emissions

According to President Barack Obama, his pledge to reduce U.S. emissions is good for business, despite the claims of a variety of Republican politicians, who think that working towards reduced emissions must mean losing jobs and tanking the economy. But, as usual, they were being short-sighted and playing politics, while, to the surprise of many, […]

2015 Arctic Sea Ice Minimum Fourth Lowest in Recorded History

12 Oct

arctic sea

According to NASA and the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSDIC), 2015 has the fourth lowest Arctic sea ice minimum since we’ve been recording such data. The Arctic sea ice minimum refers to the smallest land area that Arctic sea ice occupies in a given year. Sea ice, which is frozen seawater floating on […]

New Study Finds that Climate Change Impacts Flower Populations, Bee Tongues

7 Oct

Bee and flower

We all know that bees are important to pollination for numerous species of plants, so many so that when bees disappear, it can wreak havoc on ecosystems. But different bees are suited for different flowers, and can be generally grouped by how long their tongue is. Bees which collect pollen from deeper plants have longer […]

Scientist Accidentally Discovers ‘Glowing’ Sea Turtle

5 Oct

Sea turtle

Biofluorescence is a process by which creatures absorb light, transform it, and then project it as a different color. This is different than bioluminescence, in which creatures create light, or host bacteria which create light. Until now, we’ve only seen biofluorescence in coral, mantis shrimp, copepods, and some species of fish. Now though, we’ve learned […]

Shell Cancels Alaska Oil Drilling Project Six Weeks After it Begins

2 Oct

Alaska oil pipeline

Shell caught a lot of flak from environmentalists when they decided to drill for oil in the Chukchi Sea near Alaska. Such drilling wasn’t guaranteed to return much oil, because of the difficulty of reaching that oil, but that’s not what environmentalists were worried about. They were more concerned about oil spills which could devastate […]