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Study: Aerosols Global Warming Means More Aerosols in the Air

13 Nov

aerosol can

Aerosols are tiny particles, liquid or solid, that are suspended in the air. You’re probably familiar with the word from spray-paint or hairspray, and if you’d old enough, you may remember hearing that they were bad for the ozone layer. Well, there are lots of things that fall into the aerosol category, including naturally occurring […]

Plastic Litter Reported in Arctic Waters

12 Nov

pile of various plastic garbage

Plastic litter in the oceans has been a problem for decades, and one that has become worse over time. Now, scientists have verified for the first time that some of that litter has been making its way into the Arctic Circle, specifically in the Fram Strait between East Greenland and Svalbard. Scientists on the bridge […]

Turning Carbon Dioxide into Green Fuel

9 Nov

green fuel

According to scientists as the University of South Carolina, we might one day be able to reuse carbon dioxide as fuel making it, ironically, green fuel. Burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide, or CO2, which when introduced to the atmosphere in too great a quantity has all kinds of negative affects, namely it’s a leading contributor […]