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American Forests Will Accumulate Less Carbon Over the Next 25 Years

11 Dec

Forests help to offset carbon emissions by trapping carbon within trees, and when scientists and policy makers discuss emissions goals, they take this fact into consideration, hedging on forests to help offset what we produce. Unfortunately, according to a new study by the Forest Service, here in the United States, forests aren’t going to be […]

Climate Change Denial Starts in the Classroom

10 Dec

illustration of climate change concept: blue skies and green grass on one side, dark skies and arid land on the other

If you’re reading this, hopefully you not only “believe” in climate change, but you also realize that it is both a serious threat, and is caused by human action. Believe is in quotes in that sentence because this isn’t a matter of faith, or a matter of agreeing to disagree. All the science points to […]

Chinese Medical Scientist Tu Youyou Calls for Joint Efforts to Tackle Malaria

9 Dec

mosquito on human arm with sunset background

On December 6, 2015, eighty-four-year-old Tu Youyou arrived at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden and collected China’s first Nobel Prize in medicine for producing an anti-malarial drug that helped millions of people across the world. Tu believes the award is an honor for Chinese scientist groups and an approval for Chinese medicine research. Despite […]

Global Warming Could Result in Too Little Oxygen in the Atmosphere

7 Dec

As a species, we’ve been talking about global warming for a couple of decades now, and many of us have been taking it seriously. We’ve been warned of a number of potential side effects of climate change, such as global flooding, droughts, longer and more widespread forest fires, ocean acidification, and rising ocean temperatures. All […]