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Greenland Glacier Melt Alters Currents Down to the Gulf Stream

20 Jul

Icebergs in Illulissat Icefjord, Greenland are evidence of ice sheets melting at an accelerated rate and impacting the salinity of seawater surrounding Greenland.

The melting of glaciers around the world due to human caused climate change is something that a lot of us are familiar with. We’ve heard the arguments about how sea levels will rise and the like, but there are other, less discussed problems that could end up impacting the world sooner rather than later. Take […]

The Business World Starts to See that Green is Good

18 Jul

Big business is learning that green initiatives are good for their bottom line.

  It’s easy to think of big business as constantly being at odds with environmental preservation. But more and more businesses are actually finding it profitable to care for the land around them. Whether it’s a utility firm implementing carbon offsets, a transportation company restoring wetlands, or a private equity firm investing in the ecological […]

Reducing Soil Runoff Without Impacting Crop Yield

14 Jul

soil runoff from crops

Agriculture and ecology form a tenuous balancing act. We need agriculture to grow food, but we also need to maintain ecosystems and not let farming ruin them. One significant problem is soil runoff near the beginning of the growing season. In the United States, for example, heavy spring rains erode soil, which finds its way […]

Using Food Waste to Reduce Emissions

12 Jul

partially eaten apple

There are a lot of scientists working on ways to reduce humanity’s carbon emissions, and there are several systems in place to do exactly that. Carbon capture refers to removing CO2 from industrial waste, and there re a number of systems already set up to do that. Unfortunately, to date none of them are all […]

Testing Waterways For Hydropower Use

7 Jul

hydropower green energy

It’s a fact of life that people need electricity, but generating it is often harmful to the environment. Moving forward, we need to find more ways to generate power that have less of an impact on the world around us. That’s where hydropower comes in. One form of green energy, hydropower uses rivers and streams to […]

KKR Invests in Resource Environmental Solutions

7 Jul

Environmental solutions provide industry to practice stewardship and maintain sustainable growth.

  Private equity firm KKR has announced an investment in Resource Environmental Solutions (RES), a leader in the ecological solutions market. KKR hopes to stimulate RES’s growth and help it develop as a company that contributes to society. RES’s environmental conservation commitment includes wetland and wildlife preservation, as well as providing commercial solutions to companies […]

The Ozone Hole is Finally Healing

5 Jul

Earth's ozone hole

Remember the hole in the ozone layer? It was discovered back in the 1980s, caused by Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) in all kinds of consumer products. Back in 1987, a number of governments ratified the Montreal Protocol in order to help combat the problem. Since then, we’ve done a lot to phase out CFCs, and it’s finally starting […]