Archive | September, 2017

Dogs Help to Save Endangered Carnivores

13 Sep

A research team has used dogs to help them find the habitats of endangered carnivores and develop a plan for wildlife corridors.

We’re all used to stories of dogs chasing cats, but now dogs are sniffing out cats. Big cats, that is. Scat-sniffing research dogs are helping scientists to get on the trail of endangered carnivores like jaguars, pumas, and bush dogs in the forests of northeastern Argentina. Forests in the region have become increasingly fragmented due […]

Coral Skeletons May Be Able To Resist Acidifying Oceans

6 Sep

Scientists studied this hood coral and learned that the process by which they make their skeletons is different than previously thought.

Coral bleaching is destroying reefs all over the world, and scientists have been sounding the alarm about what this may imply about the state of our oceans as the world’s climate warms. But new research from the University of Wisconsin-Madison gives some reason for hope that corals will survive. The researchers, led by physics professor […]