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The Cloud Is Pushing Data Centers Toward Energy Efficiency

17 Feb

The cloud is pushing data centers toward energy efficiency.

Cloud-based software services have transformed lives and business workflows all across the world. Although the impact on individuals is easily seen by the sheer number of people who use file sharing services and cloud-based software applications, the impacts on data centers and other businesses can be less obvious. But for those in the know, such […]

CERAWeek to Gather Energy Experts for a Glimpse into the Future

3 Feb

CERAweek will gather energy experts for a glimpse into the future.

Four years ago, Marc Lipschultz, co-founder of Owl Rock Capital Partners LP, predicted that the rapidly changing energy market was poised to have a huge impact on not just business, but the world at large. “We’re talking about the opportunity to reconfigure the whole industrial complex,” he told Super Return TV. This year, changes in […]

Sundrop Farms Produces Tomatoes Using Solar Energy, Desalinated Water

13 Jan

Sundrop Farms produces tomatoes using solar energy and desalinated water.

Sundrop Farms has just made history. The Australian company is the first agribusiness to grow tomatoes using solar power and desalinated water. This marks a major turning point in sustainable agriculture. It proves that crops can be harvested on a mass scale with minimal environmental impact. It’s a story of faith, resilience, and unwavering determination. […]

China to Invest $361 Billion In Renewable Power Generation

9 Jan

China is set to invest billions in renewable energy in order to combat pollution.

It’s long been known that Beijing is one of the most polluted cities in the world. A recent time-lapse video of smog rolling in over the city proved that point in no uncertain terms. But now it looks like China is getting ready to tackle that issue head on. On January 5, Reuters reported that […]

Farmers Can Reduce Monoculture Hazards Through Genetic Diversity

26 Oct

Farmers can reduce monoculture hazards through genetic diversity.

Agriculture is a constant battle against the elements. Farmers need to worry about the weather, the soil, and pests that want to eat their crops before they can send them to market. As farming has become a bigger business, focused on turning over huge crops, we’ve largely turned to monoculture. When a farm grows one […]

Deep-Sea Mining Could Threaten Intricate Ecosystems

10 Aug

An underwater cave with a sea floor and a tree branch

  Thanks to some quirks of geology, there are large nodules of metallic minerals under the sea floor in the equatorial Pacific Ocean. Deep-sea mining operations are planning to target these nodules in order to seek out potential sources of copper, nickel, cobalt, and manganese, and perhaps other metals. However, because such operations can have significant […]

The Business World Starts to See that Green is Good

18 Jul

Big business is learning that green initiatives are good for their bottom line.

  It’s easy to think of big business as constantly being at odds with environmental preservation. But more and more businesses are actually finding it profitable to care for the land around them. Whether it’s a utility firm implementing carbon offsets, a transportation company restoring wetlands, or a private equity firm investing in the ecological […]