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Ocean Acidification Helps Microscopic Shell Formation

13 Feb

Ocean acidification could actually be helping foraminifera and other shelled microorganisms, but at what cost?

Although we’ve only been talking about ocean acidification for a relatively short period of time, the acidity of the ocean has increased by 30 percent since 1750. Many creatures are having difficulty adapting to increased ocean acidification, especially coral and shellfish because they use lime to build their shells. In more acidic water, lime dissolves […]

Climate Change Likely Caused Megafauna Extinctions

6 Feb

Climate change, not human activity, was the likely culprit for megafauna extinctions.

While the current changes in the global climate are being caused by human activity, this isn’t the first time that the Earth’s climate has changed in dramatic ways. There have been numerous climactic shifts in Earth’s history, and they have been one of the leading causes of animal and plant extinction, and will likely continue […]

Are We Using the Right Date Range for Pre-Industrial Climate Records?

27 Jan

Scientists are starting to question whether we are using the proper date range for the pre-industrial period when measuring climate change.

In today’s climate studies, researchers define the pre-industrial period as being between 1850 and 1900. The trouble with that date range is, the Industrial Revolution began in Britain in the late 1700s and was in high gear throughout the western world by 1850. In fact, industrial development was at its peak during the years that […]

Massive 2015 Sandstorm Caused by Climate Change

23 Jan

A massive sandstorm in Syria was caused by climate change, not the ongoing conflict in the area as previously suggested.

In August of 2015, a massive sandstorm covered seven nations in the Middle East, closing ports, canceling flights, killing several, and causing thousands of injuries. At the time, many news outlets posited that the storm was the result of the Syrian Civil War. While that may sound far-fetched, they argued that increased use of military […]

Rising Temperatures Mean Declining Insect Populations

20 Jan

Rising temperatures are leading to declining insect populations, according to a recent study done on fruit flies.

Rising temperatures are already starting to affect insect populations, especially in high-latitude regions such as northern Europe, where they are apparently less capable of adapting. Increased temperatures aren’t killing insects outright, but they are damaging young in such a way that those young insects, upon growing up, are less capable of reproducing, resulting in declining […]

Researchers Find Way to Sequester Carbon Dioxide in Crystals

18 Jan

Scientists have recently discovered a way to sequester carbon dioxide from air.

While working a system to remove contaminants from water, scientists at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory stumbled on a system to remove carbon dioxide from air, by storing it in crystals. The crystals are formed when a synthetic guanidine in water is exposed to air. “When we left an aqueous solution of the guanidine open […]

Burying Fossil Fuels Helped Keep Oxygen in the Atmosphere

16 Jan

Burying fossil fuels helped keep oxygen in the atmosphere.

The creation of fossil fuels may have helped kick off the evolution of animal life on the planet. Why? Animals need oxygen, not just to breathe but also to process energy from food. But large amounts of carbon in the form of plant material were left on the surface of the earth for billions of […]

Changing Climate Means Changing Flood Threat

11 Jan

Flood threat levels around the United States are changing, according to a new study from the University of Iowa.

Flood threat levels around the United States are changing, according to a new study from the University of Iowa. Across the northern half of the country, the risk of floods is rising, while in the southern half it is declining. This is due in part to the amount of groundwater in those regions. The Midwest, […]

It’s Now Virtually Certain: Climate Change Is Causing Glacier Retreat

19 Dec

It's now become certain that climate change is causing glacier retreat.

The retreat of glaciers around the world has long been heralded as a definitive symbol of the effects of human activity on the global climate. However, due to a great deal of variability between glaciers, it’s been hard to actually pin that retreat on global climate change. Even the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change was […]

Global Warming Will Cause More Extreme Rainfall

14 Dec

Global climate change will likely cause more extreme rainfall events.

Thanks to global climate change, we’re likely to see a huge increase in the number and intensity of extreme rainfall events by the middle of the 21st century. Extreme rainfall events cause flash floods and other problems for local infrastructure, and can be quite harmful for agriculture as well. As the global temperature increases, more […]