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Aquatic Invasive Species Are An Increasing Concern

10 Feb

Aquatic invasive species like this Chinese mitten crab are transmitted by ships' ballast waters and cause damage to fisheries and aquaculture in the northeastern Atlantic.

We are quite familiar with invasive species on land: plants like milfoil and lupines, for example, take over fields and ponds and cause changes that lead to the extinction of local species. However, since the 1980s, it has also been recognized that there are numerous aquatic species transmitted far from their original homes via ships’ […]

Massive 2015 Sandstorm Caused by Climate Change

23 Jan

A massive sandstorm in Syria was caused by climate change, not the ongoing conflict in the area as previously suggested.

In August of 2015, a massive sandstorm covered seven nations in the Middle East, closing ports, canceling flights, killing several, and causing thousands of injuries. At the time, many news outlets posited that the storm was the result of the Syrian Civil War. While that may sound far-fetched, they argued that increased use of military […]

Changing Climate Means Changing Flood Threat

11 Jan

Flood threat levels around the United States are changing, according to a new study from the University of Iowa.

Flood threat levels around the United States are changing, according to a new study from the University of Iowa. Across the northern half of the country, the risk of floods is rising, while in the southern half it is declining. This is due in part to the amount of groundwater in those regions. The Midwest, […]

China to Invest $361 Billion In Renewable Power Generation

9 Jan

China is set to invest billions in renewable energy in order to combat pollution.

It’s long been known that Beijing is one of the most polluted cities in the world. A recent time-lapse video of smog rolling in over the city proved that point in no uncertain terms. But now it looks like China is getting ready to tackle that issue head on. On January 5, Reuters reported that […]

22 Million Pounds of Plastic Enters the Great Lakes Each Year

4 Jan

An estimated 22 million pounds of plastic garbage enters the Great Lakes every year.

A recent study from the Rochester Institute of Technology has estimated that around 10,000 metric tons (22 million pounds) of plastic enters the Great Lakes each year. It is the first study to take several smaller, local studies and use mathematical models to extrapolate how much plastic is entering the lake system overall. By comparison, […]

Is Campi Flegrei Ready to Blow?

23 Dec

A recent study has noted that the area around Campi Flegrei, a supervolcano in Italy, is showing signs of increased pressure, which could mean an eruption.

Some areas of the world just can’t catch a break. While scientists are by no means certain of the eventual outcome, a recent study has noted that the area around Campi Flegrei (“burning fields”), a supervolcano in Italy, is showing signs of increased pressure, which could mean an eruption. And by “eruption,” we’re talking a […]

Researchers Reinvent Sawdust As an Oil Spill Cleanup Tool

21 Dec

Scientists have reinvented sawdust as an oil spill cleanup tool.

As long as we continue to rely on oil for fuel, we’re going to have to deal with oil spills. While there are several ways to clean up oil spills, they were designed for use in warm water, not the cold and sometimes rough seas of far northern latitudes. But scientists working for the Pacific […]

Global Warming Will Cause More Extreme Rainfall

14 Dec

Global climate change will likely cause more extreme rainfall events.

Thanks to global climate change, we’re likely to see a huge increase in the number and intensity of extreme rainfall events by the middle of the 21st century. Extreme rainfall events cause flash floods and other problems for local infrastructure, and can be quite harmful for agriculture as well. As the global temperature increases, more […]

Forest Service Reports Over 100 Million Dead Trees in California

7 Dec

There are now more than 100 million dead trees in California, due in large part to drought.

California now has 102 million dead trees, a number that increased 62 million just in 2016 alone, according to the U.S. Forest Service. This is because the state has been in a severe drought for the last five years, with some parts of California not having seen rain in over 95 days. There has also […]

The Global Warming Hiatus Was Nothing of the Sort

5 Dec

The global warming hiatus was nothing of the sort.

Between 1998 and 2013, the global average surface temperature, one of several measurements used to gauge how much the Earth has warmed, grew more slowly than we expected. That has had scientists asking a lot of questions. The period has become known as the global warming hiatus. This is an inaccurate name for what a […]