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Insight into the Popularity of Anti-GMO Arguments

5 May


A team of philosophers and plant biotechnologists in Belgium has struck on some interesting new information about the debate over genetically modified organisms, or GMOs. The term GMO is generally used to describe plants that have been genetically modified in order to grow larger or be more resistant to pests or pesticides. They are essential […]

D.C. Environmental Film Festival Launches

21 Mar


Thursday, March 20th, marked the beginning of the D.C. Environmental Film Festival, which hosts a stellar line-up of 200 films (many of them free), including stories about shady politicians, the impacts of technology on our happiness, and cancer-causing chemicals. The film festival—showing mostly free films—runs through the 30th of this month. A common theme at […]

Next Up on the “Right to Know” Tour: Colorado

2 Dec

right to know gmo label

Earlier this month, Washington State voters rejected Initiative 522, an initiative that would have required all genetically modified (GMO) foods to be labeled. I-522 was struck down with a 54-45% vote, showing that though it didn’t pass, support was still very strong. California also struck down a similar ballot measure in 2012, but these setbacks […]

Why You Should Vote “Yes” on Initiative 522

18 Oct

Just label it

There are only a few weeks left until Washington voters decide whether to pass initiative 522 or not.  That is the initiative in favor of labeling GMO foods as such.  There are ads running on TV and the radio for and against the proposal.  So far, the opposition is spending at least twice as much […]

Supergrass to the Rescue

14 Oct

Supergrass / Brachiaria

Nitrous oxide is more harmful than carbon dioxide or methane when it comes to global warming. Unfortunately, the gas makes up about 38% of all agriculture emissions, which are primarily from livestock production. Global warming is a serious issue that needs to be addressed and battled on multiple fronts, and the agriculture industry is one […]


27 Sep

GMO crops

What, exactly, is a GMO?  It is an acronym for genetically modified organisms.  In this context, we are talking about genetically altered food.  It has recently become a hot topic due to all the progress in genetic engineering. At present, about 85 percent of all processed food in the United States is genetically modified.  There […]