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Solar Cells Can Now Be Printed, Thanks to New Technology

27 Feb

Solar cells can now be printed, thanks to new technology

There are two major hurdles preventing the widespread adoption of solar power: the difficulty of producing solar panels, and the efficiency with which they convert sunlight into power. The first, however, might have seen a recent breakthrough that might make solar power much more viable in the near future. The University of Toronto has announced […]

CERAWeek to Gather Energy Experts for a Glimpse into the Future

3 Feb

CERAweek will gather energy experts for a glimpse into the future.

Four years ago, Marc Lipschultz, co-founder of Owl Rock Capital Partners LP, predicted that the rapidly changing energy market was poised to have a huge impact on not just business, but the world at large. “We’re talking about the opportunity to reconfigure the whole industrial complex,” he told Super Return TV. This year, changes in […]

Researchers Looking For the Best Algae For Biofuels

25 Jan

Researchers are looking for the best algae to use as biofuels.

Biofuel is a renewable alternative energy source that, while it’s catching on, is nowhere close to replacing petroleum. One reason for that is the cost of growing the algae used to produce some of those biofuels. This is where a new project at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory comes in. The team […]

China to Invest $361 Billion In Renewable Power Generation

9 Jan

China is set to invest billions in renewable energy in order to combat pollution.

It’s long been known that Beijing is one of the most polluted cities in the world. A recent time-lapse video of smog rolling in over the city proved that point in no uncertain terms. But now it looks like China is getting ready to tackle that issue head on. On January 5, Reuters reported that […]

Researchers Using Roadside Energy Harvesting to Generate Electricity

16 Nov

Roadside energy harvesting is a technique that allows power to be generated by things people are already doing.

The key to unlocking new energy sources is to find ways to combine numerous sources to work for us, reducing and eventually replacing our reliance on fossil fuels. To that end, scientists have been working on a number of ways to generate electricity that doesn’t pollute. Wind and solar energy get the most press, but […]

Fracking Wastewater Might Actually Be Useful

28 Oct

Fracking wastewater is mostly brine and might actually be useful.

On the list of reasons why people are unsure about fracking, wastewater usually ranks very high. The concern is that wastewater produced as a side effect of fracking could leak into other water supplies and cause great damage. It is assumed that the wastewater contains many unnatural chemicals used in the fracking process. A recent […]

Wind Farms Responsible for Death of Birds From Miles Away

17 Oct

Wind farms may be responsible for more bird deaths than previously thought.

Wind turbines don’t produce greenhouse gases like burning fossil fuels, but they aren’t perfect. They are, unfortunately, responsible for hundreds of thousands of bird and bat deaths. The birds and bats are killed either by the blades themselves or by the pressure changes created by the turbines. The population of birds around wind turbines can […]

Food Waste May Be a Way to Store Energy

5 Oct

food waste may be a new sustainable way to store energy.

Alternative energy sources have been growing in popularity in recent years, especially solar and wind power. However, excess energy still needs to be stored for when days are overcast or the air is still. To keep up with an increasing trend of generating electricity from renewable resources, use of battery and flywheel energy storage has […]

Nuclear Power Is Not Quite As Safe as We Thought

23 Sep

The safety of nuclear power is being questioned.

Nuclear power is always a contentious topic, with people on both sides adamant about the safety or danger of such power. Considering how much we have gained from nuclear power plants across the world, and how few notable accidents there have been, many are inclined to argue that it is safe and, in any event, […]

MIT Researchers Develop System for More Efficient Biofuel Production

11 Aug

A biofuel production facility

Biofuels are a potential way to help the environment because they produce less carbon dioxide than fossil fuels, and they’re sustainable. Unfortunately, the process by which they are made can be inefficient. Biofuels are a byproduct of bacteria eating such things as corn or sugarcane, from which they get necessary nitrogen. The problem is that […]