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Environmental Lawyer Chosen to Lead Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality

11 Jul

Gary Rikard

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has named 44-year-old environmental lawyer Gary Rikard to replace the outgoing executive director of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality. Rikard is a resident of Olive Branch, Mississippi and was previously an attorney for the department back in the 1990s, where he has also worked as an environmental engineer. Rikard succeeds […]

Pope Francis Calls Environmental Exploitation a Sin

9 Jul

Pope Francis

Pope Francis is already considered one of the most progressive Popes in recent history, and his new focus on the environment is only supporting this public opinion of him. In his recent address at the University of Molise, Pope Francis called for more respect for nature. At the University in Southern Italy in the agricultural […]

Interview: The Washington Environmental Council

25 Mar


  The Washington Environmental Council (WEC) is a nonprofit, statewide organization that has been helping the environment since 1967. WEC has played a big part in continuing to keep Washington’s environment clean through enforcing laws, rallies, and more. We recently had the opportunity to speak with representatives from the organization, and learn a little more […]

REAL School Gardens Helps Grow Successful Students in Low-Income Areas

22 Mar

REAL School Gardens

  REAL School Gardens is a nonprofit organization that works to “create learning gardens that grow successful students.” In order to do so, teachers, parents, businesses, and students come together to design a learning garden. These gardens are created in low-income schools, where teachers use them to improve academic achievement and student engagement. REAL School […]

The Performing Animal Welfare Society Brings Abused Animals to Safety

8 Jan


The Performing Animal Welfare Society of California is one of the best places an animal can go.  Often after nearly a lifetime of servitude, animals big and small can retire in peace on one of the three sanctuaries they run. It’s hard to imagine what life must be like for a performing elephant, bear or […]

Al Gore, A Politician on the Environment’s Side

1 Jan

Al Gore climate change

Al Gore is known for many things.  He was Vice President during Clinton’s presidency.  He has written several books about climate change and global warming.  But, how much do you know about Al Gore? He has been one of the biggest supporters of the environment on the political stage.  His fight to end global warming […]

The Maroi Conservancy, Game Park and Farm

16 Dec

Maroi Conservancy South Africa

“All family and employees at Maroi Conservancy preserve the beauty of the country; work and live towards sustainability and actively shape the future for the next generations by supporting the education of the children of our nation.” These are the words of the Maroi Conservancy in South Africa.  The conservancy acts as a game park […]

Your Favorite Science Guy Celebrated His Birthday Last Month!

6 Dec

science lessons, science experiment

Last month, your favorite science expert celebrated his birthday: Bill Nye the Science Guy! One of the most prominent faces of popular science, Nye has been in the public spotlight since the original airing of his popular show, Bill Nye the Science Guy began in 1993. Today, everyone’s favorite science guy is still actively involved […]

Dolphin Action and Protection Group Saves Cetaceans One Plastic Bottle at a Time

18 Nov

Plastic waste kills many dolphins and other sea creatures each year.

There’s nothing like going on a whale watching trip on a sunny day.  You have your binoculars at the ready as a pod of dolphins emerges to jump and play with the boat.  People are snapping photos and having a wonderful time. Yet, there may be a time in the future that such an activity […]

American Forests Is Keeping the Americas Beautiful and Rich

15 Nov

American Forests

If you have ever had the chance to get out for a walk in the forest, you know the peace and calm it brings you.  All your problems start to melt away as you still your mind and start to hear the sounds of the forest.  The sounds are slower than city sounds, so you […]