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Cancer Might Be More About Your Environment Than Your Luck, Study Suggests

4 Jan

female scientist performing experiment

Unfortunately, we don’t know as much about cancer as we would like to. But luckily, one study is shedding some light on one interesting aspect of how cancer occurs in many people. According to a new study from the journal Nature, cancer is overwhelmingly a result of environmental factors and not largely down to “bad […]

Newly Discovered Ancestors Buried Their Dead Before Humans Evolved

23 Sep

It’s time to set another place at the table of human ancestry. A recent discovery in South Africa revealed a new humanoid ancestor, called Homo naledi. This newly discovered species was smaller than humans, with a brain size not much larger than that of a chimpanzee. However, the discovery came with a very special twist: […]

Evolutionary Biologist Predicts Earth-like Evolutionary Trends on Other Planets

14 Jul

Earthlike Planet

In his new book, The Runes of Evolution, Professor Simon Conway Morris makes the argument that evolution follows predictable paths, which includes the eventual development of intelligence, and as such, there should be other intelligent life forms in the galaxy. Conway Morris is a leading evolutionary biologist, but he supports the idea of convergent evolution, […]

Astronomers Confirm the Existence of Five Supermassive Black Holes

13 Jul

Black hole

According to astronomers at Durham University in the United Kingdom, there may be millions of supermassive black holes in the universe. This estimate is based on their having finally confirmed the existence of five supermassive black holes that were clouded from view by gas and dust. The international team used NASA’s Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array […]

Starbucks Stops Bottling Water in California

18 May

Bottled water

California is in the midst of a four-year drought, which is bad enough that the state has instituted its first mandatory cuts in water use. And sourcing bottled water there is just making that state’s water problems even worse. Recently, Starbucks ceased bottling their Ethos Water brand in the state, and is moving that production […]

Study Finds that Environmentalists are more Compassionate People

1 Apr


A recent study published in Germany investigates the connection between environmentalism and compassion for other people. The psychologists performing the study found that people who feel more sympathy for human suffering are more likely to support environmental causes. The study also investigated a causal relationship between the two. They had participants view pictures of human […]

FDA Says GMO Potatoes ‘Safe for Consumption’

30 Mar


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its blessing to two new varieties of genetically engineered apples and six varieties of potatoes on earlier this month. The FDA called the new strains “as safe and nutritious as their conventional counterparts,” a surprising assessment in an age where genetically modified foods are perceived by many to […]

Mangrove Forests Need Our Help

19 Mar


Mangrove forests are complex coastal ecologies that serve important functions in tropical zones. Mangrove trees can survive in much saltier water than most other trees, which allows them to create saltwater zones that are sheltered from storms. Mangrove forests are home to numerous ocean creatures, such as manatees, and provide a safe haven for young […]

The Green Guide to Cleaning Your Bedroom

15 Jan

Clean Room

There’s a huge market for green cleaning products for bathrooms and kitchens, which helps many people breathe easier knowing there are no harsh chemicals being used. But what about our bedrooms, where we spend a third of our day? Many people pick up the floor and vacuum fairly regularly, but we also need to keep […]

Tools to Make Winter Cleaning Easy

6 Jan

Jackets in laundry room

The cold winter months often bring in party crashers like snow, sleet, and sludge. Stop putting up with their dirty nonsense this winter in your apartment once and for all. Below are a few cleanliness killjoys and the products that will make dealing with them headache free. We all know that cooking can get messy. […]