Oxfam is working to create a socially just world.

Oxfam International is a network of organizations in over ninety countries working to create a socially just world.  While the organization’s vision is focused on alleviating poverty, many environmental issues are part of what Oxfam works to change.  Oxfam understands that climate change, pollution, health and agricultural issues affect the poorest people most, and is working to promote sustainable solutions.  Relief comes from multiple fronts, including research, emergency aid, campaigns, advocacy and community development projects.

In Thailand, Oxfam is supporting farmers that are experiencing steady rises in temperature and delayed rainy seasons.  Over the last five years, farmers have been building better drainage systems and water storing ponds so that draught periods will be easier to manage.  Farmers are also getting assistance by learning how to diversify their crops, extend their growing seasons and create diverse farms that will combat the challenges due to climate change.  In Bangladesh, Oxfam is helping widows of men killed in a cyclone call for a tribunal to hold companies responsible for climate change accountable.  In South Africa the effects of climate change have made the growing season shorter, and Oxfam is helping women farmers grow crops that can withstand the unusual cold.

Oxfam also runs campaigns on health and education, conflicts, disasters, agriculture and trade.  Fair trade practices are advocated much by Oxfam and its network of supporters, and this spring they were able to get major food corporations like Mondelez (owner of Kraft Foods) to agree to purchasing fair trade cocoa.  Oxfam was able to succeed in the agreement using their Behind the Brands report, which reported business practices of popular brands and encouraged users to spread the word online.  Oxfam’s ability to engage a large base and promote consumer awareness will make the organization a powerful ally for both social justice and environmental conservation.  You can donate to Oxfam on their website.

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